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Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Elena P. Ornig to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her phenomenal work in the Publishing Industry. 

This press release was prepared and written by Michael Fairlie and first published at   Stanford Who’s Who   website.

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PACIFIC PINES, QLD, AUSTRALIA, March 20, 2011 /Stanford Who’s Who/ — Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Elena P. Ornig to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her phenomenal work in the Publishing Industry. As Director of Julia Sophistique Pty. Ltd. for the past 5 years, Elena has consistently demonstrated the vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be considered among the best.

Elena is an author, publisher, and blogger who lived, studied, and worked in Russia prior to moving to Australia. Traveling around the world, learning, understanding and accepting the differences of authentic cultures created the biggest impact on her perception of life. While in Russia, Elena served as Vice-President of the Russian Broadcasting Corporation in Vladivostok; a position earned by enthusiasm and self-belief coupled with considerable experience in cultural education and international relations.

Elena started Julia Sophistique Pty. Ltd. as a personal project in order to self-publish her books during turmoil and the global reorganizing of the publishing industry. Learning and understanding the best and the worst of the traditional print-publishing as well as digital publishing and the complicated relationship between authors and publishers helped her to develop her own structure of the perfect publishing company, from her point of view. With Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd, the authors have zero publishing expenses if their books are chosen. Elena’s company pays all production cost, including marketing and selling and authors receive their quarterly royalties from sales. The company assumes all financial risk of publishing, marketing and sales activity.

In her role as Director of Julia Sophistique Pty. Ltd., Elena is a publisher and seller of digital books. She has personally written two digital books of her own. One of them is entitled, The Queen of The Castle, which is based on the biography of Renata Castelle, a well-known self-accomplished business woman from the Gold Coast. She also has Stories from Cherry Street, a children’s book based on the classic question of what is right and what is wrong. Both books are available through her website.

Elena also recently started work on her third book which fits in the medical travel category. The book is entitled Perfect Smile from Bangkok, and is due out in February, 2012. And as a publisher, she is negotiating the publishing of the book Why Every Man Should Update His Wife, which is due out in March, 2012.

Elena focuses on sharing her expertise with the general public on a number of matters including marketing, writing, and publishing. Her incredible dedication and passion for her work have catapulted her to the pinnacle of her profession.

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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.