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Marketing communication starts with customer perception, understanding their activities implementing strategies to address their needs and wants. Businesses using various tools needed to carry out the message to them. Dialogue created and used creates consumer awareness of what you want them to understand. Good communication prompts customer response and commands activities to be done such as liking, considering buying, deciding if they’ll buy, and finally buying the product.

Companies, organizations and colleges use marketing communication to deliver appropriate message to their target market. In case of college marketing, where education is the primary product offer, identifies opportunities and development within a segment, then positioning the organization to its target market. Recipients include prospective and existing students, parents, faculty, businesses, and independent organizations.

College communication is used to develop the reputation of the establishment, send a message through different platforms and solicit feedback from target market. It is for the purpose of building an image, introducing the products and services, as well as new functions or attributes, maintaining the image, persuading people, reminding about the product or services and convincing buyers or clients that they have made the right decision.

Colleges, companies, and organizations must have a deeper understanding of their target market behaviour before disseminating the information through communication messages. They will then set the objectives of what they want to achieve after reaching the market. They should decide on which medium or communication tools best comprehends the message and the market. The message must be unique and creates impact as this can establish a good or bad appeal to the audience. Budget is also of vital consideration. Some communication platforms could be expensive considering the broad range it can reach, message delivery frequency and customization.

Communication Process


Communication is effective when it lines with customers beliefs and viewpoints.

Once the sender identifies its target market and objectives, message will then be formulated and dramatized with colour, moving actions, pictures, sounds and texts. Others use advertising agencies, public relations specialist, intermediaries and others. The message can be delivered using advertising, publicity, sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling.

Advertising delivers the message to target market through a non personal vehicle that is paid by an identified sponsor. It can be informative, aggressive and persuasive, influencing the market to bring an action beneficial to both sender and receiver of the message. Publicity spin advertising or selling into a form of news, which could bring positive results as it is reliable and credible. It even targets those who are not affected of advertising and sales talks. Sales promotion appeals to market through product incentives. Direct marketing uses mediums and strategies such as email marketing, network marketing and social marketing platforms to access the target market directly. Single media or media mix creates noise as they have distinguished characteristics in terms of high potential market reach, budget, social, behavioral and demographics.

Once the receiver gets the message, they can ignore or feedback to the promotion. Negative or no response is caused by selective attention, distortion and recall. The greater breadth and reach of communication source, the greater impact of the source, so the recipient is most likely to respond. Advertising and sales promotion are said to be most powerful medium of communication and is commonly used by companies and organizations due to its ability to change customer’s perception and behaviour. Communication is mostly effective when it lines with customers beliefs and viewpoints.

College marketing goes global, and it must meet the standards and values of its target market on various locations. Approach on Asian education is significantly different from European and American colleges, so it is necessary to conduct market research first.

" Communication"

Some communication platforms could be expensive.

Communication is even more effective for the source dominated the market due to its expertise, established rapport or liability. Print ads are effective when targeting professionals, job seekers and business owners. Branded make-ups and hair care products use likable mediums, and even credible endorsers creating greater impact to recipient.

Influenced by the media and other factors such as pricing and product quality, recipient will made a decision of buying the product offering or not. Successful communication strategy deals to purchase, repeat purchases and recommending the product to others.

College or marketing communication performs a vital role in the whole process of trading. It connects the sender and receiver. It helps companies or sellers determine the demands of the market and sell a product that satisfies or exceed customer’s expectations. Messages are transmitted to build brand awareness and gain market share. It helps develops long term customer relationship and retain the brand equity of the business.

Global competition is intensifying with the influence of technology, communication, geographic and social impact of the market.

Most companies are catering the local and foreign market to create broad market awareness and high profitability. Companies can operate, disseminate information, interact with customers, and create sales channels having a wide market reach through the use of internet and other latest innovation. Through the use of internet and information databases, companies’ internal operations and communications can be more effective and efficient than they were before. Then can significantly improve their logistics, standard operation and order taking; and payment scheme.

Global firms use integrated marketing communication to established corporate objectives within an organization. Different departments make use of information and communication tool to correspond with the company’s standards and goal of increasing market share and profitability.

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