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Thank you Ged Tadamax – I can take a break!

I was reading the article (Interview with Jasmine, Angela Parr and John Wayne Parr), Elena  Ornig wrote and I was asked for my reflections.

It seemed there were 3 ideas that were there but un-birthed.

It began with some questions on art.  Is Muay Thai an art?

There wasn’t any explanation or definition of what an art is and how it differs from a skill.

I was disappointed because the transition from skill to art is something that may benefit greatly those who understand.

The second idea was with Jasmine, the seven year old daughter of two Muay Thai fighters.

It was interesting as there were many threads being lead into the idea of what it is that Jasmine thinks are good and worth doing.

One of the very first things Jasmine says is that she wants to be like her mum and dad.

She wants to be watched and supported like them, and wants big trophies like them.

She also has been reading the bible, and is teaching things from the bible to her little brother.

So this is the second idea.

How is this human learning what is good and worth doing.

The interviewer, Elena Ornig, even got to participate in this as she felt uncomfortable when Jasmine was crying about the death of her grandfather, and Elena thought that she was responsible for this “bad” event of crying.

To feel better about herself and stop the “bad” crying Elena talked to her about the nature of death, the soul, and the afterlife.

Obviously, these are very important topics, perhaps the most important things to understand.

Elena told her about what her grandfather is doing and wanting in the afterlife.

“You know Jasmine, your grandpa is very happy that you remember him and he may be right now watching you, saying – Oh, how nice that Jasmine remembers me and talks about me. He definitely wants you to smile and not cry. He wants you to be a happy girl.”

Elena doesn’t really know about the afterlife, or if people in the afterlife think that its wrong to cry, but she was sharing this information with the girl as if she did.  Something that is not at all uncommon.

The last idea was to do with journalists, and people responding to what they have heard from those journalists, that are upset about Jasmine doing Muay Thai.

The article (first appeared in Bulliten)  was supposedly written in a misleading way that was not supported by any good evidence or reasoning.

It was successful in producing a strong emotional response (outrage) in the readers, and the false story was picked up by other news networks.

The author of the original article never appologised for misleading public by presenting one sided story.

A personal success for the journalist and newspaper was more important  than actual reality  regardless of  causing  undeserved problems for the Muay Thai family.

 The beginning of 3 ideas:

1-      The difference between skill and art.

2-      How and what a person learns what is good and worth doing.

3-      That the media and news journalists pass lies and misinformation to meet their goals.

Now, what does it mean to give birth to the ideas fully, and what happens when the news media does not do this?

When we turn on the news we see a certain, specific view of the world.  We see such things like war, conflict, and so on.  We see interviews with certain people as if they are “experts” and worth listening to.  We see people going to jail as though this is a success.  We see all of these things… and then we cross to sport and weather.

What is happening here?

They are presenting a certain world view, and then moving on.

There is no asking “why” it is the way it is.

No finding out of what “should” be happening instead.

And there was  no exploring of how to make the transition from where we are to where we should be.

Instead people are learning over and over not to think.

TV news reporters say something like “lots of war and corruption”.

Instead of actually using their minds to understand it their face becomes happy and playful as they talk about sport, weather, or a kitten playing with a puppy.

Those that are consuming this “news” are learning that it is not good to think, and to ignore their own minds and desire to understand and remove problems.

Without actually birthing the ideas behind the problems we are being presented via the news we are left with an atrophied mind or even a disdain for asking questions, as well as an acceptance that such problems are “normal” “inevitable” or “just the way the world is”.

For these problems are not being understood, just presented.

With an atrophied mind, lack of genuine understanding, and acceptance of this certain, specific world view; what results in people?

Disillusionment, a sense of powerlessness, depression, feelings of isolation, guilt and fear.

Why on earth would the people who influence the education and training of journalists and the production of news media want the public to be in that feeling state?

More easily manipulated slaves.

It is a standard formula for manipulation and domination.

A person unable or unwilling to think, one who accepts what they are told, created by the manufacturing of a state of guilt within the person followed up by a hefty dose of fear.

Its a standard formula. Used in almost all domination authority societies and institutions.

Religions use it, education systems use it, politicians use it, cults use it, and of course the news media use it.

It is by design. We live in a system wherein there is a small group of “elite” that controls and manipulates the majority from kings to presidents, to CEOs, to school teachers, to principles, to priests, to popes, and on and on.

We have a small group of very wealthy and powerful people, while there are thousands starving to death, millions at war, millions in prison, and billions having to sacrifice their freedom to work for money in order to survive.

All of these things are unnecessary. We have the technology and resources to remove all these things.

Which would be why the news and general media acts the way they do.

To create the thoughts and feelings which are necessary to maintain this unequal domination of the authority slave system.

This is a design by those at the very top, but it must be maintained by all the individual journalists.  Why do they do it?

1 – The journalists do not know the difference between a skill and an art.  They are engaged in a skill, and not an art; something that contains truth and actually benefits man.

2 – Most journalists are unaware of how they are functioning, they are just doing what they think is good and worth doing as per their education, not based on what is actually good and worth doing.

3 – Journalists are trying to survive in a competitive system; competing for money and the readers.  To do this they are rewarded when they can manipulate the thoughts and feelings of the public, usually at the expense of truth.

These are three key reasons why they act as they do.

And these are the three ideas that were there in the article by Elena that were never developed and did not come to birth.

So we can see that these three important ideas are not specific to journalists, but relate also to the plight of the Muay Thai fighter, to the father, to the daughter, and possibly to all human beings.

How does one actually bring these ideas to birth?

Finding out what is happening.

Finding out why it is happening.

Finding out what should be happening.

Finding out what can be done to change from what is to what should be.

Have I adhered to this?

I have explained what is happening in journalism with reference to the article I read about the Muay Thai fighters that I was asked to comment on.

I have explained why journalism functions in this way.

I have explained what should be happening instead; the genuine birthing of ideas.

But have I explained how the journalism industry, along with the many other industries who play the same game, can change from the acceptance and ignorance of participating in and maintaining domination authority slave systems perpetuated by atrophied minds, acceptance of official authority, guilt and fear, and a sense of depression and powerlessness, at the expense of genuine understanding and knowledge that comes when ideas are fully birthed?
Looking at the three ideas in the article;

1-      Learn the difference between skill and an art, explained in Plato’s Ion and Republic.

2-      Learn how humans learn what is good and worth doing, often from a young age like Jasmine, explained well in Dr Pierre Grimes’ work on Philosophical Midwifery.

3-      Learn about the nature of current systems and institutions in society, as well as alternative structures.  Good resources being the Zeitgeist movies (free download from the internet) and the work of The Venus Project.  To learn how to transition in a non violent way to societal systems that are more helpful and healthy one can look at the work of Gene Sharp who has books available from his websites:

Pursue these and share thoughts and ideas with all those around you who have minds to be awakened and stimulated.  Use your mind, birth your ideas, and use your voice.

Ged Tadamax

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Written by Elena Ornig

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