Answers from Jill Smith about “The Queen of The Castle”

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Title: The Queen of The Castle

The Queen of The castle

ISBN 978-09870488-0-6; $2.99

Author: Elena P Ornig

Publisher: Julia Sophistique P/L

This is a unique book with Elena Ornig providing great insight into the life journey of Renata Castelle. Her comments enhance the story and give depth to the journey through her own personal growth.

Renata has an intriguing story to tell. Her journey through early life was as a victim, always trying to please her parents, whom she loved deeply, but failing because of their inadequacies.  Her strength of character, polite yet persistent manner and what some might say presumptuousness, led her to take several jobs, some self created. She worked four jobs to get away from her family and her own inner turmoil of feeling unloved.

Seeing the man of her dreams and falling in love at first sight, Renata wholeheartedly devoted herself to her new husband. He was farmer and took her away from the city to a totally new world. She adapted and took on more than one new skill, again, to please her husband and be rewarded with his love. They had two children but Renata was unhappy as her husband was so absorbed in running the farm and making money, that he left little room in his life for her. She left her husband and began, what I can only say, is a one woman quest to accomplish her dreams.

Here we see Renata’s innate business acumen come to the fore. Where others would see a single mother of two with no income, she could see only potential to achieve her final goal. To build and live in her own castle, how she got there is impressive. Her detailed business principles are simply drilled down to avoid the misunderstanding, miscommunication and mistrust. These are real deal killers. Renata used her ability to spot potential, then carefully research, offer deals and make money. This gave her independence, and the opportunity to travel around the world, and to eventually build her Castle.

Elena was clearly moved by Renate Castelle. Summing up, her outlook had changed, now believing that the power of the mind is powerful, and individual self direction can overcome indoctrination and succeed over any obstacles to achieve our dreams.

Jill Smith



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Written by Elena Ornig

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