WorldCamp Gold Coast 2011

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So, what did I learn and understand?

Answers from Elena Ornig

Reflecting back on a significant event such as WorldCamp Gold Coast 2011 is a sheer pleasure for me. The amount of valuable information about running your own business on line, using SEO effectively, designing websites, understanding the value of a website’s security and digging into comprehension of Aspirational Marketing techniques was awesome; and just a part of the diverse topics spread for me.

Bond University’s facility for the event hosted 140 attendees, 21 speaker and 8 sponsors at one Workshop for two days. Organisation was impeccable and the whole atmosphere of curious ‘learners’ and prominent ‘gurus’ was relaxed and friendly. The unity was obvious – the topic WordPress with many related aspects.

By reflecting back I will do the obvious; I will tell you about my own general conclusions of what I understood. I will present the guru-users and developers of WordPress, as well as a few interesting individuals I met. That way I don’t intend to be objective in my own opinion but rather give you the  opportunity to visit experts’ websites and make your own conclusions, objectively.

Personally, I learned a lot and received priceless guide lines in ‘Theme & Plugins’ handling and development; in content creation and management; in strategy and interactive design; in engine optimization and in website security, backup or support. Therefore, my general conclusion is – if you use WordPress you must never miss the opportunities to go to WordPress workshops.

So, what did I learn and understand?

I learned that if you are a Blogger or small website owner with low technical knowledge – WordPress is a great platform to start from. Where do you go to start? The answer is and not because, and are not the same websites. – “is where you can start a blog in seconds without any technical knowledge”.  It is free and easy to setup, back up your content and secure your website. Basically, it’s perfect for beginners, whereas is quite complex for beginners but perfect for website developers with high technical knowledge of PHP code and custom website design. The great thing is, if you are a beginner and starting on, you can later switch to when your knowledge is good enough for WordPress software. Simply from being a user, you can become a developer and designer of websites. (I hope I got this right, and if not – please, do not hesitate to point it out in my Reply Box).

To see more explanation about the differences described above – please visit this link or watch  or seek knowledge from IT consultant- Andrew Davis.

Next, I will tell you what I learnt and understood about WordPress plugins. Take a breath, – there are almost 17,000 WordPress plugins! Can you imagine? I was overwhelmed, but then came to understand and appreciate Plugins thanks to Will McNelis who presented only 10 Essential Plugins. So, take a note for yourself and visit his blog if you are looking for more information – go to

Important Plugins

Next is the SEO (search engine optimization) matter- this is, in reality, a big matter for any commercial website. If you want to be in front of the Internet audience with your product or service – pay attention and understand this logical formula: good SEO helps gain a higher visibility in search; a high position in search brings more traffic; more traffic means more potential customers and more customers at your door can result in higher sales of your service or product. High sales will directly affect your profit.  So, good SEO and profit are interconnected. If you are not a commercial website and not after profit – think about followers, if you care. My personal advice is to visit because after listening to Dan Petrovic, CEO from Dejan SEO Pty Ltd and his SEO strategy, I made only one conclusion – he really knows this subject, inside and out.

Now, I will tell you about three speakers who impressed me mainly as individuals, not just with their knowledge but with their distinctive personalities as well.

I was affected by the self-employed designer from UK – John O’Nolan’s presentation on Aspirational Marketing techniques.  What I understood from John’s “show and tell’ is that one should be aware of Aspirational Marketing techniques as a customer but embrace it as a marketer. As a marketer, one must think about the product design as a possibility to manipulate human/customer behaviour; create a specific experience for customers in order to trigger their emotions. A Marketer must understand that once the emotions are triggered – they will result in action, the action to buy a product or use a service. Trust me, John is an expert! He designs for big companies: Microsoft, Virgin, WordPress and UBISOFT.  He is a perfect example of the young and talented entrepreneurs of today. I highly recommend a visit to his website to see what I mean.

As a Publisher, I cannot avoid the fact that I do care for websites and blogs that talk about books and writers. I consider myself lucky because I met a fantastic individual from the Gold Coast who is from Gold Coast Library Service . Timothy Ferguson was one of the most inspirational speakers at the WordCamp Gold Coast 2011 event.  Timothy is one of the facilitators at the online book club in the form of a blog named book coasters.

What I didn’t know, which is a real shame for me, is that Australians are reading more books than anyone in the world, and they love talking about the books. Therefore, online book clubs are popular and WordPress is a great platform for that purpose because it is very flexible. I will leave you with two interesting links to dwell upon. The first is about what Timothy was telling us at the event and the second is a link to Timothy’s website, where he is “creating a saga arc and story seeds for the Ars Magica roleplaying game”-

Finally, I listened and later talked to Bronson Quick who is simply a remarkable young man. I cannot describe him better than as he was presented to us by the WordCamp website: “a WordPress obsessed designer/developer from Brisbane”. He truly lives WordPress by day, and by night he is “commenting and blogging on anything that is WordPress related”. Bronson is an inspirational individual, IT guru and “completely obsessed with WordPress!”  He will “change your mind-set when it comes to web design”. I advise you, with all my heart, to visit this link and read everything. I urge you to follow, to subscribe and absorb whatever else you can get hold off.

At the end I am left only with one simple statement: “Please, visit the page with a short introduction to every speaker from the WorldCamp Gold Coast 2011 event and check them out; I promise you will learn a lot from each of them.  Unfortunately, I am not a magician and I could not attend two presentations by speakers, in different auditoriums, at the same time; consequently, I missed some presentations, but you have the opportunity to brief yourself on every presented topic.

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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