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Rediscovering Byron Bay after 15 years was an unforeseen revelation.

Answers from Elena Ornig

(Part Two)

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Light House Byron BayThe saunter to the Light House from where we stayed was daring, I puffed and sweated all the way up to the top of “The most Easterly Point of Australia”. But boy-oh-boy I was spectacularly rewarded by so many overpowering scenes that nature withholds until one dares to discover. I felt exhausted but blessed when I reached the very top. An astonishing panorama almost immediately and magically rejuvenated my body and soul.

Byron Bay View

Light House AustraliaI felt re-energized and enlightened by the dramatic 360 degrees view. I felt privileged and happy to witness the pure glamour of Mother Nature and yes, overwhelmingly proud for the country I live in. This is my back-yard that I can proudly show to my guests and to the whole world. I finally reached the missing point of revelation – Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Australia and I will be back as often as I can.

Byron Bay Australia






And Byron Bay is not just about places to see, hotels to stay in, pubs and bars and shops or spas; it is also about the remarkable people who live there.

I met Mary Alderman at “FRIDAY ON THE BEACH” and was amazed by her story. Not because she happens to be a Manager of this boutique hotel, but because she happens to be a wood carving artist. When I saw a beautiful piece of art which was placed in the reception area, I couldn’t resist asking: “Who is the master?” She told me it was herself and I mentally caned myself for carelessly leaving back at home my #1 tool – my voice recorder. “Dummy!” – I almost swore at myself.

Luckily I always carry a notepad and this is all I can share with you at the moment.

Mary Alderman“Before I came to manage “FRIDAY ON THE BEACH” I ran a ranch retreat on what used to be Australia’s largest tropical cattle property, situated in the lush Tully valley in North Queensland.  This 50,000 acre property was originally managed by my late husband.  At “El Rancho del Rey” we conducted cooking, art and wood sculpture classes, soft adventure as well as treks through the rain-forest with the local aborigines.

When ‘Survivor’ was being filmed in North Queensland, El Rancho del Rey was chosen as “Survivor Base”, the secret location for contestants. It was a remarkable experience for me getting to cook some of my favorite recipes for them.  I love offering that country hospitality and still bake cakes daily for the guests at “FRIDAY ON THE BEACH”.

Now I continue to enjoy carving and cooking and I recently started to create my own furniture. I have the best Master Craftsmen as my teacher – Geoff Hannah from Lismore.

Geoff Hannah was recognised by the New York Times as the greatest artist in Art Deco style. I love Byron Bay and one of my favorite places here would have to be the Light House.”

I befriended Mary Alderman on Facebook the same day – she is now my friend and her story not finished yet, as I am planning to comeback for more.

See, what I mean? Byron Bay is not a “Murky place with unstable people.” I was totally wrong – shame! Byron Bay is full of energy and excitement with remarkable people living there and very famous visitors, who have a soft spot for Byron Bay.

What the stars say about Byron Bay?

Rediscovery of Byron Bay is fully reflected in my advice to all. Take a note, book your place at Byron Bay and stay as long and often as you can. Do not forget to take your right attitude in order to allow yourself to be amazed, entertained, delighted, uplifted and spoiled. Give yourself the opportunity to be surprised with this phenomenal place. Get up and go to Byron Bay and become excited about Life again.

 My Warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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