Castles in Australia

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Australia might not seem a likely place to find a castle, yet there are in fact numerous castles all over the country!

Answers from Elena Ornig

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Answering your questions!

Australia might not seem a likely place to find a castle, yet there are in fact numerous castles all over the country! These castles do not rival those in European countries simply because the average castle age in Australia is really quite young. Many function as hotels or tourist attractions, whilst others are actual homes where people live. Castles in Australia tend to be built in the style of the medieval castles of Europe which are commonly depicted in movies and television shows.

‘Kryal Castle’, in Victoria, sits at the foothills of Mount Warrenheip, near the town of Ballarat. It is an amazing replica of a medieval-type castle featuring Gothic architecture. Open to the public since 1974, it was created and built by the owner and has a drawbridge, moat, jousting arena, magic room and is host to a wide range of educational and entertainment events. Kryal Castle has rare collection of medieval weaponry and armor assembled with the substantial expertise of the owner. The castle is a very interesting tourist attraction and also has a small hotel on the premises, allowing you to have a castle holiday and indulge in all things medieval.

Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle in Victoria

‘Sunshine Castle’ is built in a Norman/Medieval style and began its history in 1971. It is situated in the center of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The Castle expanded gradually over the last 35 years into a huge complex of displays and exhibitions. One by one, the owners have added a Reception Hall, Doll Museum and Tower Block which has a Great Tower – seven stories tall. Sunshine Castle is now recognised as one of the most fascinating castles in the southern hemisphere. In 2006, Birte Benecke-Uhrig and Stephan Uhrig with their little prince, Tobi, relocated from Germany to Australia, taking ownership and starting a new era of further improvements. The addition of a front wall and gate were completed, and with four new watch towers and battlements, they have given the castle spectacular appeal and transformed it from unique, into a truly majestic castle.

Sunshine Castle

Sunshine Castle Bli Bli in QLD

The 3000m2 ‘Camelot Castle’ is a rightful landmark of the Adelaide Hills, occupying 1.162 hectares in the heart of South Australia. In appreciation of its history and character, many call it a “Storybook Destination”. Camelot Castle has private living quarters, two well-equipped function centres, twelve motel units, a bachelor pad and in the crown of beautifully landscaped gardens, a very cute wedding chapel where a multitude of weddings are hosted every year. This castle is also influenced by the medieval style of architecture with breathtaking scenery and woodlands which bring a real sense of authenticity to the moss-covered walls. Is this castle the one for your upcoming wedding?

Castles in Australia

A Medieval Castle in the heart of South Australia just 20 minutes from Adelaide CBD

‘Kings Plains Castle’ in Glen Inns, northern New South Wales, is a real Scottish Castle built from local stone and has a long history, even for a relatively young Australia – it is 102 years old! George Vivers, the great-nephew of William Vivers, a late immigrant from Dumfries in Scotland, created the castle as a symbol and reminder of his heritage, complete with turret, tower and fortifications. George unsuccessfully attempted to lure his wife to stay ‘Downunder’ with him forever by filling his beautiful castle with rare and expensive antiques. In doing so, he achieved something for us to enjoy as we gratefully recognise his efforts. He created the most private, stunning and romantic castle in Australia, surrounded by elms, lavender and liquid ambers. In nearby Glen Inns, the tradition of an annual Celtic Festival with pipe bands, stone-throwing demonstrations, exciting storytellers, dog trials and many other festivities based around the famous Standing Stones help keep Scottish history alive and respected.

Kings Plains Castle in New South Wales

Many modern replicas of castles are built around Australia, with great care and admiration of the unique architectural styles from the past. The Sovereign Islands at the Gold Coast offers many luxurious homes, built as modern-day castles. In fact, the last price on the market  was for a whopping $17.5 million! These modern, gothic inspired Gold Coast mansion, create a stunning blend of authentic castle features with all of the modern conveniences and luxuries our lifestyle demands. The castles generally come complete with swimming pools, media rooms and the latest built-in appliances – anything and everything the homeowner desires.

Castle on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast’s Gothic Castle

As you drive around the country, if you keep your eyes peeled you might just spot a private castle nestled amongst the hills. An astonishing number of people dream of living in an old castle, and no longer do they have to travel to Europe to fulfill their greatest desires.

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