This category reflects integration and interrelation of Technology with life, society, and the environment.

Australian Entrepreneur

Startup Advice from Marcus Schappi

This Silicon Beach event was organised by Steve Dalton – Co-Founder and President of the Gold Coast TechSpace and sponsored by the City of...
Big Data Solutions

Mario Bojilov Takes On Big Data

Mario Bojilov does take on Big Data and why not? In 2004, Mario Bojilov founded Meta Business Systems focusing on performance monitoring, business intelligence...
Electronic Devices

Laptops & Tablets Demystified

Informative, interactive and a socially pleasant event. Answers from Elena Ornig Only three years have passed by, since tablet computers became a globally known...

No wonder, I want to be a geek!

It is all about perception in our world, isn’t it? Answers from Elena Ornig Historically, the word geek went through a big transformation from...

WorldCamp Gold Coast 2011

So, what did I learn and understand? Answers from Elena Ornig Reflecting back on a significant event such as WorldCamp Gold Coast 2011 is...