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You will not miss it; you will recognise it unmistakably because it is so sublime, so deeply emotional and so mighty.

Pure Love

A Longstanding Moment of Pure Love Short story written by Elena Ornig Peering narrowly in the labyrinth of my memories I can clearly see...
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How to write a great story?

This Story is Great? Answers from Elena Ornig When readers are able to relate to the characters, their actions and reactions, the scene and...

How to write your unique article?

Why would you decide to write your own unique article?  Answers from Elena Ornig Answering your questions. Many authors began their careers as the...
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What is a particular writing?

Particular writing is best for “the other way around” principle: writing a book first and then finding the market or identifying the specific market...

Writing a book

Create ideas for writing a book with good content and introduce it to readers.
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How to become a good writer?

Become good writer and author think simplicity. Good writer delivers quality and not quantity. Writing is a process of learning.