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Elena Ornig about Olga Lutsenko exhibition at Graydon Gallery (Brisbane) in 2010.

Olga Lutsenko is benevolent in her life and her art

You can feel both the vibrant energy and emotional appeal in her works. You can see her intensity and richness of colour. You can follow with your eyes forever, the intricate and diverse incorporation of ornaments in many of Olga Lutsenko paintings. You can perceive the messages of love, hope, faith and virtuousness, loud and clear in her works.

Whilst she is arguably new to Australia, Olga is an established artist through life. As I write about her art I cannot avoid picturing a little girl, less than two years old, who is hardly able to walk but who spends hours and hours drawing little houses on the hill, surrounded by simple fences and flocks of birds in the sky. Such romantic idealism of love for nature, peace and the tranquility of life shows through every painting that I saw at her last exhibition in Brisbane. That is where I met Olga, and where she shared her childhood love for art with me.



Very feminine and petite but full of overwhelming energy, Olga lived through her role as hostess of her exhibition at Graydon Gallery, easily and naturally and I felt I was a special guest visiting her house.Smiling kindly with a soft magnetism, she made my experiencing of her art so very personal and wonderfully memorable. Behind each of her painting are real life stories or unknown mythological characters that she knows so well, and of which she can talk about without seemingly taking a breath. No other confirmation is needed to see just how much she loves to express her feeling and beliefs with strokes of her brush. No further affirmation is required of how much she cares to evoke love, hope and faith in others.

Olga Lutsenko Naive Painting

“Bereginya”, the so called “Slavic goddess”, takes a clearly bigger role, becoming a symbol of a multicultural mother savior of nature.
“Singing tree” unites earth and prosperity of real life, and grows beyond the sky that you might not know how to comprehend but can feel with your soul.
The whole series of “naive paintings”, as Olga called them, but which I personally prefer to name, “the way of life”, is not naïve to me. It is romantically idealistic in simplicity and its interconnection with nature, but yet so realistic and desirable because it is full of the happiness and energy of the everyday life of her ancestors. It appears that with what they embraced and enjoyed in life they got it so right when compared to us; and we are simply losing it through our misunderstanding of life’s values.

Singing Tree Painting
Olga stimulated my curiosity to see more of her art and to learn more about her. The very next day I spent considerable time browsing her website that resulted in quite intriguing discoveries of her background and her art.

My warmest regards,

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Written by Elena Ornig

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