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Gold Coast TechSpace always welcomes new members and on the 22nd of July 2013 moved to a new address: Level 2, Room 204, Robina Community Centre, 1 San Antonio Court (cnr Robina Town Centre Drive), ROBINA, QUEENSLAND, 4226.

Answers from Elena Ornig

Robina Community Centre

Robina Community Centre

They have multiple meetings and different events which everyone is welcome to attend (learn more about upcoming meetings and events).

The members of Gold Coast TechSpace share a physical space in a non-exclusive environment. They come together and work on their own projects in open cooperation and collaboration with like- minded individuals. They build robots; develop games, websites and software applications; create new toys and diverse details on their own 3D printer. They share their knowledge with everyone who is interested to learn, to participate and to promote technology on the Gold Coast. They have  strong support from the City of Gold Coast, the peak body for Linux User Groups (LUGs) – Linux Australia, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions – Red Hat®, the service leader in cloud computing – Rackspace,  The Gold Coast Co-Working hub, Gold Coast TechSpace Discovery workshops, GCTechwire and they have a Sister Hackerspace in Shanghai – Xinchejian.

They work in four main directions:

Tech focused co-working space – a style of working and sharing space with a strong element of social gathering between people who are working on independent projects. Mutual space sharing has become a global movement recognised as a great way of organizing co-working communities where human interaction flourishes.

Hackspace – is like an ‘incubator for brains’ and often carries similar functions of an open community lab where people are share knowledge, ideas, skills and learn from each other. The general idea is to have a shared space for thinkers and professionals where they can make their innovative ideas a reality.

Pre-incubator – is a pre-business incubator where in a risk-reduced setting, an entrepreneurial idea and its possible outcomes can be tested. It is an opportunity to filter commercial ideas, where cost and disappointment can be avoided, against existing business system. Gold Coast TechSpace pre-incubator helps members to commercialize their ideas.  It provides an avenue to make valuable industry contacts, to network and to engage with members of like-minded groups and organisations in Southeast Queensland.

Education – Gold Coast TechSpace emphasises the development and organisation of various educational learning programs, workshops, activities and special sessions for children (including programmers during school holidays).

As the Publicist for Gold Coast TechSpace I will present a series of the interviews with members, contributors, supporting organisations and sponsors to keep you informed and to share with you insights of their activities and projects.

To complete my initial introduction, I would like to present a man who is always there, ready to brief you on what is going on at Gold Coast TechSpace – David Tangye!

Gold Coast TechSpace

David Tangye

David Tangye – began his career in the high-level programming language COBOL, worked as an IBM database designer, mastered logical design, modelling, special-purpose programming language to manage data and worked with Oracle as Developer and Consultant, progressed as software engineer of Rational Systems, was a Project Manager, acquired considerable experience in commercial enterprises and now dedicates his spare time as a Committee member and Secretary of Gold Coast TechSpace. A highly knowledgeable technology and electronics professional, David is also a real enthusiast and is currently working on a few commercial hardware/software applications.  His favorite project is the electric bicycle – the “Electric Pedro!”

You are invited to join David on Twitter and you are welcome to check David’s profile on LinkedIn.

Gold Coast TechSpace wouldn’t exist and prosper without people like Steve Dalton.

Gold Coast TechSpace

Steve Dalton

Steve Dalton – is the founder and current President of Gold Coast TechSpace. Steve is a co-founder of the IT consultancy Refactor, specialising in software and electronics development. He is an accomplished programmer with compelling experience in the delivery of multiple projects in software development, engineering, integration, design and maintenance for many companies, including large banks. Steve is a Certified ScrumMaster, Sun Certified Web Component Developer and Sun Certified Java Programmer J2SE.

He is a diligent, self-motivated, confident and inspiring leader. He is a hands-on entrepreneur with the ability to innovate, the talent to effectively communicate and the unmistakable courage to dare to take on new and challenging projects.

‘He is, quite simply, an inspiration’- said Business Coach and Social Media Strategist, Des Walsh and I am affirming this as a matter of fact after meeting with Steve Dalton on several occasions. Steve is an effective Free Software Advocate, a Proud Hacker and a Geek Dad.  He is an excellent and accomplished Starter, Connector and Maker.

You are invited to follow Steve Dalton on Twitter, listen to talks and interviews on  Six Degrees Podcasts by Craig Aspinall and Steve Dalton about general topics in technology and software development and do not miss the opportunity to meet with Steve Dalton at the Gold Coast TechSpace, where he is working on a few interesting projects.

If you are an entrepreneur or investor – come to Gold Coast TechSpace to check out their diverse projects in progress.

If you are interested in sharing space in a non-exclusive environment while working on your individual project – come and find out what kind of support and knowledge Gold Coast TechSpace is offering.

If you are a tech-enthusiast, hacker, programmer, web-developer or inventor and want to find similarly minded people – you are very welcome to join Gold Coast TechSpace. Who knows, we might have exactly what you need or are looking for.

If you are simply curious about what Gold Coast TechSpace is all about – just drop into one of Gold Coast TechSpace meetings or events.

Remember, we are now at the new location: Level 2, Room 204, Robina Community Centre, 1 San Antonio Court (cnr Robina Town Centre Drive), ROBINA, QUEENSLAND, 4226 (next to the Silicon Lakes).

You can join Gold Coast TechSpace via Gold Coast TechSpace group’s page at Meetup and you are very welcome to come to the upcoming meetings and events.

Inventions and new projects

Gold Coast TechSpace – sharing, helping and educating!

 My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.