Holly Terrens answering why music is her biggest dream

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Answers about Holly Terrens

Answers from Elena Ornig

Can I say that every girl named Holly is feminine according to her given name? Certainly not!  However, Holly Terrens is not just feminine, but also gorgeous.

Holly Terrens

Can I say that every girl named Holly ought to become famous just as many of them are?  Certainly not!  But Holly Terrens, Pop and Rock singer and songwriter, is definitely on her way to becoming a shining star. I believe that she was born to perform; even from her earliest memory of when she was trying to be an opera singer, just like her Grandma.

At that time, when only at first grade and knowing only one song, the National Anthem, Holly would go out in front of her waterfront home, where, followed by overwhelming applause from neighbors, she would sing to the world at the top of her lungs. So incredibly symbolic were her heart driven first public performances, very symbolic…!

When I asked Holly what her family did to encourage her to play and to sing? She said:

“I have always grown up around music, going to sound checks and guitar clinics as a small child with my mum and her partner at the time, so music was always very accessible to me. The shock was when I wanted to play classical music that I started to learn when I was 10”.

Having studied a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium, you now create your own songs. Do you enjoy writing music and lyrics? Who are or what is your inspiration for songs?

“I do enjoy; it’s the ultimate expression.  I write what I cannot say.  Honesty is the most important aspect of writing for me. My biggest musical inspirations are The Dresden Dolls, Ben Folds, Vanessa Carlton and Flyleaf.  I am also inspired by other people and their effect on my life.”

I know that Holly loves to perform with bands, but she also loves small, intimate venues such as today, at The Loft.  I deliberately came to see her once more before I can confidently tell my readers everything I discovered about Holly.

Softly spoken, a Lady of stature, refined and almost fragile, tiny but tall; she moves and talks as having been raised as royalty.  Everything in her appearance is understated but classy. She is simply – stunning! She takes her time to get ready to play and to sing at The Loft’s lounge room.  I can see her very well, knowing that she will play 10 songs of which nine are her original creations.

After greeting her audience, her voice follows a classically complicated accompaniment and yet, her confident long fingers magically project full power of sound. Nobody around talks and walks anymore, they are all listening, absolutely rapt.  Just at the end I started to realise how different she is when compared with many other performers, and I wondered why? I decided to ask Holly after her performance.

With all the other female artists out there, what do you thinks sets you apart?

“I think being a blend of classically trained as well as self taught sets me apart from many female musicians who focus mainly on just singing. I like to pay a lot of attention to detail in my song writing musically, but then my singing is often quite raw – almost a contradiction.”

What is the best part of being a singer and what is the most annoying aspect?

“The best part is being able to do what I love and meeting, as well as working with, new people. I also really love doing photo shoots and making music videos when I get the opportunity. The most annoying is that it’s often quite a hectic lifestyle that can lack routine.”

What helps you to stay objective and realistic in life?

“To remember that I am playing music first and foremost because it is what I love to do and any success that comes from that is a bonus.”

What has been the biggest moment of your career so far?

“I think the biggest moment of my career is still yet to come with the launch of my debut this week; on March 9th at “X and Y” bar in Brisbane and again on March 10th at “ Unplugged @ The Basement “  in the Art Centre on the  Gold Coast.”

Do you have any bigger dreams than your career in music?

“No, music is my biggest dream!”

Holly Terrens on stage

I believe it is, and I have no doubt it is a true statement. I just want to tell you more about Holly, in order to better understand her on a more personal level.

With her very busy life, she regrets not having enough time to read, but when she does, she reads novels and books; not just any books, but the ones that challenge her thinking. Not surprisingly, her favorite book is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.

Of course, she has a favorite love song; it is “Cologne” by Ben Folds. I agree, it is a sad song, but for Holly:

“This song is sad but I love how he vividly describes an evening where he drops the lady to the train before walking home alone, doing ordinary things, and wondering if she is doing the same and what conversations they would be having if they were together; how they are both letting go of each other together. I think it’s quite a sad, but beautiful concept.”

Getting away from sad, I asked her about her happiest memories:

“My happiest memories are of my time at university with friends. We would have a nice meal together at someone’s house before passing the guitar around the circle and singing each other’s songs together. Life doesn’t get better than that to me.”

Are you always speaking your mind or holding back to be more diplomatic?

“I am a bit of both…I will hold back unless it is a topic I am passionate about, or have substantial knowledge about; I don’t want to open my mouth otherwise! I never hold back in my songs however; writing for me is complete freedom of expression where I can share as little or as much as I please.”

How do you deal with rumors?

“I try not to get caught up in rumors.  I generally just remember what is real – not what other people are saying. People will always make up stories, it doesn’t matter to me because I already know myself, and the truth always becomes clear. I think that people who spread rumors always come undone.”

What are the qualities that you value in a human being?

“I value loyalty and trust – I think they make for a strong character in a person.”

Do you believe in intuition and if yes, why?

“Yes, I strongly believe in intuition…I think intuition embodies a trust in self as well as a trust in God.”

Is there anyone or anything that has a very special place in your heart and why?

“Yes, it sounds silly, but my little cat Lilly. I had her from the age of five and she passed away at the end of last year, so I had her for 16 years. It was the first time I have experienced such a sad loss in my life, and it makes me remember to live my life to the full.”

I already knew that the Gold Coast is Holly’s comfort zone with the laid-back lifestyle and the beach. She has lived here all her life and everything is very familiar to her. But what about the world that is out there?

If you could go anywhere right now- which geographical location would you choose and why?

“I want to be in Italy. I want to experience the culture, art, fashion and food of this place, which is why I have started to learn the language.”

Well, this all can be real one day for Holly, I think to myself. But before she sets off to Italy what would she would like to say to her fans?

“Thank you for coming along to my gigs and supporting live music.”

As for Holly’s  fans or people who have just discovered her talent,  I would like to remind you all that Holly’s next performances  are on Wednesday 9th of March at  “X and Y” bar, in Fortitude Valley and again on Thursday March 10th at “Unplugged @ The Basement” , in the Arts Center on the Gold Coast.  These two dates are for her EP (extended play) Launch. You need to be there.

For more information you can visit Holly Terrens online!






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Written by Elena Ornig

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