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Holly Terrens

Coffee chat with Holly Terrens

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Four years ago, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to interview Pop Rock singer and songwriter – Holly Terrens. Two days ago, I had the pleasure of catching up with Holly Terrens, who had just come back from her 3 Hearts Tour around Australia, concluding her tour at the Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on the 28th of May.
Watching her coming towards me, I recalled the first impression I had of her during our last interview: “A lady of stature, refined and almost fragile. Everything in her appearance is understated but classy. She is simply – stunning!” I was sure I would be able to detect some changes but I did not; the same impression was intact – a lady of stature, classy and stunning. This revelation fired my curiosity to discover any changes I could not detect immediately.
This time it was not an interview, just a chat over coffee; an anticipated exchange of some news, opinions and ideas. Warm greetings outside of the Old Danube at Helensvale, a cup of strong coffee for me and some exotic tea for Holly, provided the perfect setting for a chat.
It was delightful to hear what I was hoping for – the interesting stories and definite changes confidently shared by Holly. Since we last spoke, all that time ago, she had a one year break from singing and songwriting; reflecting on previous milestones and thinking about the future. That break led her back to what she always loved – singing and writing songs. Holly felt refreshed and re-energised with self-esteem, confidence and strong convictions renewed, to face the challenges of life and her career. She felt ready to pursue her new goals in writing new songs and had gone to Japan to take her exploration of life and music even further.

Holly Terrens Singer

Holly: “Here’s a recent shoot with the talented Oliver Kuo Photography and hair and makeup by the amazing Billie Weston -Makeup Artist.

She loved being in Japan and found the audience receptive and lovely. When she came back, she felt a strong sentimental longing for Japan but realised that she had never toured Australia. The tour around Australia was a delightful discovery of how beautiful Australian cities like Sydney, Wollongong, Hobart and Melbourne were. She toured these cities with her friend, songwriter and singer Phil Hancock, who is just about to release his own solo material. They even wrote a song together about a love triangle and named it “3 Hearts”. In fact, it was this tour which was aimed to promote the release of the new song.
I asked if Holly could share how this song emerged. Apparently, she had just one line that she shared with Phil: “Three hearts can’t beat in time together. You shouldn’t have to ask why.” Phil liked this line and said that it should be the main line of a new song. They decided to collaborate and expanded this concept by writing, producing and recording a new song together. For Holly, this was her first experience of writing a song with another songwriter and she says “It was a different process. Phil and I have a mutual respect for each other and it helped. Our styles are different but it felt really good to collaborate.”
Some notable changes were revealed when I reminded Holly of how excited she was those years ago, about every performance. She is still excited, but her personal growth has expanded into a bigger picture, where performance becomes just a part of a connection with other musicians and the audience. She now loves all aspects of creating music, from the conception of a song, to the final stages of recording in a studio. She loves the whole process and she loves working with other musicians. She loves being on stage and feeling a connection with the audience. She loves the feeling of sharing her story through music. She loves it when someone tells her how much they related to her songs, following a performance.
Holly plans to release more songs and to go back to Japan. She loves Japanese culture and she cherishes the memory of how well she was received by Japanese audiences, and how excited they were with her songs. Holly is definitely looking forward to going back to Tokyo.
As for the recent developments, there will be a surprise – the anticipated release of her new single Not The Same, produced by music lover Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions.
I can only share with you that this new song reflects a relationship with somebody you are so connected with that you feel the both of you must be on the same path, but when you break up – you realise that this was not the case at all.

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