How Book Reviews Affect Readers’ Behaviour?

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Answers on book reviews and reader’s behavior from Elena Ornig.


Answering your questions.

Book Review Overview.

Reviews for movies, products and books, are often found in newspapers, magazines and Internet. It helps readers to see the product from different angles. Reading a review gives an idea about the product from the reviewer’s point.

Book review is a critique in which a book is critically analyzed based on its content and style. The reviewer should first summarize the content of the book and later discuss and analyze its contents. In case of reviewing a novel, the reviewer should describe the plot of the story, its main characters, adventures and problems faced by the characters. Lastly, his opinion or recommendation is stated. The goal of the reviewer is to communicate to the reader his own findings from the research and analysis of the book. A professional reviewer does not just summarize the book after reading it, but brings out the concealed meaning in the content. Special skill is required to present authentic reviews. If the Book review is for the front cover, then it has to be written in a way that would get ones attention. Do you know how to how to become a good book reviewer? 

Who will benefit?

Books are of value to everyone. More information on various things in life can be achieved by reading books, thus making an individual more educated. Book reviews are used by book lovers. It helps ardent readers in deciding which book is favorable to read.

Primarily, book reviews benefit the reviewers themselves. It helps them improve their writing skills in terms of presentation, dialogue, flow and structure of the content. One gets a better understanding of the content and gains information on various aspects.

Book Reviewers

Reviewers will benefit from reviewing the books.

Book reviews help the general reader to be well informed about the context of the book and gain essential learning that they may apply to their life. When a person starts to read a book based on its review, the expectation of the reader is mostly based on what is stated in the book review. It does not just give the content but give an analysis of the same. This makes reading to be a lot enjoyable. However, the reviewer should be careful not to mention the end of the story as it might lose the interest of the readers. A book review encourages one to think from different angles and learn from the various aspects involved in a single story.

Students are assigned book reviews in order to help them develop their analytical skills. Thus, by completing a review, a student gains information and is also able to improve on his language and writing skills. Do you know how to become a good writer?

Benefits of Book review

A book review is an excellent source to check a book. The advantage of book reviews is that most reviewers are authors, and they come up with some excellent reviews. The tips are welcomed by most authors as it helps them make the book a better one. Some readers cannot take their eyes off the book till they complete reading it from cover to cover. It is very natural that they expect all the books to keep them interested in such a way. For such people, book review comes in handy as it helps them find out which books might hook the interest of many or create an intriguing buzz.

A few review sites also give ratings for the reviews which can be used by the authors as a promotional tool. One excellent example is eBay, where various books are sold, and book reviews are provided to offer a hint to the readers on whether to read or not the book being promoted.  Some books seem to have many reviews and some seem to have less. Different reviewers tend to bring out different qualities of the book, thus providing relevant information to the reader. A reader does not get to read all the reviews of a book, and reading a positive review about the book is beneficial. Then might as well, allow more reviewers to analyze the book. However, too many reviews sometimes are considered problematic as the saying goes “Overcooking spoils the broth”.

"Analyzing book"

Allow more reviewers to analyze the book.

Jon Krakauer, his literary reputation, is on the chronicles of daily lives that are happening at the outer limits. He authored the Eiger Dreams, Into the Wild, and Into Thin Air. His writings have been published in major papers like GEO, Outside, Architectural Digest, TIME, etc. He received an Academic Award in Literature and Letters award for his exceptional accomplishments. In his works, he combines the courage and tenacity of the investigative tradition of journalism in a stylish and profound insight.

Do you know when the readers make only one conclusion: “This story is great!”

David McCullough, he received twice the Pulitzer Prize, for Truman and John Adams, and twice received the National Book Award, for The Path between the Seas and Mornings on Horseback. Among his widely praised books are 1776, Brave Companions, The Great Bridge, and the Johnstown Flood.

Finally, Cornel West, he among America’s most provocative public intellectuals. He’s a champion of racial justice since childhood. He writes, speaks, and teaches on the traditions of the black Baptist Church, progressive politics, and jazz. The New York Times praised his “ferocious moral vision”.

However, always remember –  “Overcooking spoils the broth”.

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Written by Elena Ornig

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