How to become a good book reviewer?

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Answers on critical evaluation of a book content.

Answers from Elena Ornig

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The reviewing of a book is done by a critical evaluation of the contents of a book. A good book reviewer analyzes the writings of a book, for its description and interpretation, content and purpose, the strengths and weaknesses, style and originality and the purpose and intentions of the author. Then, the summary of findings follows.

The reviewer does not focus on just reading the book. The author would not have given a complete meaning to the text in some areas but would have implied meaning. The reviewer studies the text with a critical eye and analytical mind for hints in the text and brings out the enlightenment to the reader.

Book reviewers do not get influenced by outside sources or the author, but go by their personal understanding and write down the reflections and perceptions of their own opinions. The reviewer scrutinizes the preface and acknowledgements, the bibliography and the contents list to analyze the overall purpose of the title, why it is written and for what readership. The author’s background, how the book was created and published, are also taken into account.

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The plot or thesis is studied for flow of thought, coherence and clarity in the writing, forcefulness, authenticity and correctness of technical matters, and for the fullness of fluidity in the development. Explicitness in theoretical assumptions is also analyzed.

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The reviewer, as he reads through the book, also critically studies the materials the author has used for his narration or thesis of the book. The review is focused on how the author has presented the book, his writing tone and style and whether the presentation is literary, primary documentation or secondary content, biographical account, historical or based from a personal observation. This information would enhance the author’s characteristics and help the reader choose the book for reading.

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The reviewer is focused on how the author has presented the book.

In the final analysis, the reviewer outlines the topic, indicates the readers for whom the book is targeted and the genre of the book, whether romantic, fantasy, science, fiction or thriller.

Then a general overall gist of the organization of the book with the sections and sub topics are presented, and relevant chapters are highlighted for evaluation.

Finally, comments are given on the content, outlining the ways the book meets the reader’s expectations. Formatting of the contents of the book, its cost and its worth, and the reviewer’s recommendations is recorded.

A good reviewer gives a short summary of the content. The summary will include a relevant description of the overall perspective, argument, or purpose of the topic. The review offers a critical analysis of the content. Finally, in addition to critical work examination, a review often gives the suggestion whether the readers would appreciate or not.

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The best sites to submit are found in abundance on the Internet. The link is the fundamental base for submission on the Internet and not the page. Writing articles and submitting them to sites that show interest in posting quality articles is the best way to create good links. A number of sites are available for submitting book reviews. Another great source of creating links is a free site submission. Some sites accept articles after editorial approval and some accept automatically without approval. When the site submission is listed high on a PR page, the feeling is great, especially if it should happen in just few days’ time. Paid web directories offer faster services, as they need to deliver high-quality traffic or good Page ranking. These sites are less crowded, and the submitted links could rise to a higher PR page.

There are Web Directory services, automated and manual, which offer help in the difficult task of website submission. A script is used by the automated services for entering the directory and submitting the site to any appropriate category. Often, this does not succeed. The service also submits to paid and inappropriate niche sites. Directory owners do not like this and try to block this using various methods.

Unlike the automated service, the manual submission service visits every web directory and your site is submitted to an appropriate category. gives us a compatible library of the excellent book reviews, with a section on children’s books, and newsletters. host reviews about 500 words long. is another site, and their library is comprehensive, and the search engine is highly modifiable, but the book reviews are usually short.

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