How to become a good writer?

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If you want to be a good writer – “Do Write!”

Answers from Elena Ornig

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An author of a book is a creator of an original idea

An author of a book is a creator of an original idea, expressed through words recorded on paper. In the beginning, the idea originates in the author’s mind before it can be composed and written as a book or other form of publication. The idea is written on paper in order to tell the story, or to impart important or specific information to others (readers). Authors tend to tell through writing in order to be heard. An author is a generator of ideas, with a reservoir of information, who is able to write structurally in order to teach, to guide and to discuss. An author has a strong feeling of need to share his ideas or information with others.

To become an author you must learn to write. There are so many different authors who write in different categories that can be identified by specific names or titles, if you so wish. Some of the categories, titles, kinds or types are very familiar to us, whilst some we only hear about only from time to time. I will give you a few interesting examples.

We can immediately recognize and relate to a “biographer” who recounts someone’s personal life; or an “autobiographer” writing about his own life; or an “historical biographer” who writes about a specific historical event or many events of a particular period of time (century or era). What about a “hagiographer” or “hagiographist”? What is so specific about this definition of an author?  Well, believe it or not, a hagiographer or hagiographist is an author who idealizes a particular biography, in some cases even worshiping it. What about a “wordmonger”?  Have you heard about authors who are so careless with language, and so pretentious with titles, that the actual content loses the quality of meaning? Well they are the “wordmongers” by all means of that definition. It would be nice to be called or recognised as a “wordsmith” writer, meaning a fluent and prolific writer, as opposed to a “wordmonger” or “hack” writer that basically means a mediocre writer, wouldn’t it!  Well, let us comeback to the main question of how to be a good writer or good author?

So, what to do in order to become a well recognised author of good quality writing?  Believe it or not, as a writer and author you must learn to be ruthless to your own ‘baby’ (written content).  In order to be concise you have to put all unnecessary words or sentences in the trash. Yes, straight in the trash bin they go! Simplicity is the key to achieving great appeal to your readers; it means – avoid long and complicated words where shorter ones can properly explain the meaning.

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Remember, good writing is all about quality, not quantity, and that is why all writers need a professional editor. The professional editor could give the first impression of being the writer’s enemy number #1 when in reality he should always be regarded as friend #1. Regardless of how strongly you believe you can avoid editing – you are totally wrong. Your best investment in order to learn the art of good writing and making your book a better quality must be the hiring of a professional editor, without even a second thought. Consider this – writing is a skill and in order to become a skilful writer you cannot avoid practice.

Practice means time and persistence accompanied by determination. To be precise, you must write everyday in order to polish your style. You must read every day in order to polish your grammar and increase you vocabulary. From time to time you must meet with other writers to exchange ideas, knowledge and even wisdom. You must learn how to research for specific information or facts. You must also learn to initially edit your writing by reading it out loud to hear and correct its fluency before submitting it to a professional editor. As you see, while it is not necessarily easy to become a good writer or good author, with time, persistence and determination you can certainly achieve the best possible result.

One more thing I would like to add.  From my point of view, the actual result is important but over rated; this is because the actual process of writing is underrated by many writers. This process of writing everyday is very rewarding and very satisfying to anyone who feels the need to write to share their ideas, thoughts, fantasies or specific information with others. The actual process of writing is a process of creating something new that may even be valuable to others. Just how rewarding is it in reality – you can only discover the answer by consistent writing.  Please do write!Start with small forms of writing like articles.

How to write articles?

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