How to create conspiracy theory?

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Answers from Elena Ornig on how to create conspiracy theory.

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Elena Ornig

New age music; new age religion; and conspiracy theory?

In the Oxford English References Dictionary (OED) – New Age is defined as a noun because the combination of these two words has the meaning of a singular thing – a movement. The movement has particular characteristics with descriptions. Apparently, the term New Age was borrowed from astrology and referred to a meaning of “Age of Aquarius”, a point of time when the world had entered, or was close to entering, a period of harmony and therefore peace. In Astronomy, it is referred to as a special event when the sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from Aries into Pisces and approaching Aquarius; it is called “First point of”.

Let us comeback to a description and to the characteristics of such a significant movement. In the OED (Oxford Dictionary) it is described as a broad movement of an alternative approach to the established culture of the Western world, by bringing in mysticism, environmentalism, holistic ideas and spiritualism. The movement has its roots in the hippy subculture of the 1960’s.

Some of the initial philosophical principals that later influenced this movement can be found as early as the eighteen century, but the actual momentum was sparked in the twentieth century, mainly influenced by teachers from India, the work of Aristotle’s  “Metaphysics” (branch of Philosophy), and so called “self- psychology” (later emerging as a huge industry). Closer to the middle 70’s, the over use of the term New Age, resulted in its huge popularity by the new subculture of hippies. Throughout the next 20 years, the Western world was full of crystal healing, meditations, prophecies, crop circles, astrology books, extraterrestrial life, channelers, holistic health and reincarnation.

Channelers: especially in some New Age beliefs, the process by which a person becomes a conduit for a deceased person, as someone from an ancient culture, who imparts information about a previous life (according to

Already we have discovered a clear connection between the term New Age and astrology, astronomy, philosophy (Metaphysics) and twenties century subculture. From that new subculture we can find a connection to New Age music which suggested that we all “Just relax”!

New Age music is all about relaxation, meditation, inspiration and in general terms – optimism. Peace of mind was achieved through the hypnotic repetitiveness of melody or the soft sounds of nature enhanced by electronic and acoustic forms. The 1965 album by Tony Scott, with the quite obvious name Zen Meditation, is still regarded as the first New Age music production. Since then, from a struggle to find retail outlets, it has become a big industry with recording studios, proper worldwide distribution systems and special radio programs. Right now, you can find New Age albums for sale in every possible retail outlet. In simple words – it is fashionable as a method of achieving spiritual healing.

The term New Age was integrated with religion much earlier than music. The countless key elements of major religions from Western and Eastern cultures were incorporated into this New Age religion. The actual combination is quite complicated but one particular description that comes to mind as appropriate is that it seems that New Age religion embraced rejection of the old and went too far to the opposite extreme. In simple words, it became all about personal feelings without a necessary relationship to personal thinking. There is nothing wrong in the concept of interrelation of body, mind and spirit, or the combination of science and pseudo-science, for a mutual benefit to learn and understand the world and life; but they must definitely exist side by side. The problem lies in the increasing number of cults and sects that are creating new limited belief systems, and therefore new dogmas, with armies of fanatical followers.

A remaining question is:

Something from nothing

“What does all of the above have to do with a conspiracy theory?”

Apparently, the connection is straight forward and direct.

One of the so-called founders of the New Age movement, Alice Bailey, British occultist, predicted victory of the Allies against Axis powers. Her prediction was absolutely correct. But it wasn’t just that prediction; she went further and prophesized that the Allies would establish a New World Order (political and religious) through conservative political philosophy. She was trying to argue that this New World Order would be guided by Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in order to prepare everyone for the second coming of Christ at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. These statements alone sparked intensity in existing conspiracy theories and played on the sensitive mind of the Christian Right (evangelical bloc). The Christian Right immediately regarded the New Age movement as a “false religion” out of the fear that Christianity would be replaced and the conspiracy of the New World Order (NWO) gained new momentum.

However, in all this mess, the biggest paradox was developed. NWO conspiracy theory was widely embraced by New Age occultists who identified the 21st of December 2012 as the date on which the New World Order would be established. That date, happened to be the date predicted by the Mayan calendar for this cataclysmic event; this of course was shear speculation.

This particular conspiracy theory is just one of many versions of New World Order conspiracies; if you are interested you can find more information on this in Wikipedia.

Remember that after WWII, the Allies formed the “United Nation” and initially, the members were China, Russia, France, the UK and the USA.  As for the Axis powers – well, that was just Germany, Japan and initially, Italy.

Before you go searching for more information on the above, I want to give you a simple example of how easy it is to create something ‘strangely’ meaningful from nothing, by taking some facts and loosely marrying these with speculation and suppositions, in order to contribute to existing theories of New World Order or to create a new version which could sound like this:

The Oxford University is a secret base for recruiting Freemasons, who are studying for free under a Rhodes scholarship, in order to become a part of an existing ORDER, a group that would REORDER world power and establish a new political (United Nation) doctrine and a new religious (Kabbalah) belief system for the world.

Follow me!


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, Cecil Rhode expressed his wish to create a secret society with the aim to extend British rule to all lands (Africa, South America, the Holy Land, Pacific islands and a few more). Is this true? Yes, it is.

At 23, young and idealistic, he had that idea and he actually put it in writing in his first will. He was a very rich man. Sometime later, he officially rejected this idea and concentrated on creating the ‘Rhodes scholarship’ at Oxford University, which he did. Is this true? Yes, it is and it still exists today.

His idea of giving the opportunity to study at Oxford University, for free, was to foster peace between nations.

Sounds good so far?

Well, the British statesman Alfred Milner became one of the trustees of the Rhodes scholarship when it was established. Soon after that, in 1909, he also became one of the architects of the new movement – the ‘Round Table Movement’ which was aimed at uniting and bringing Britain closer to its self-governing colonies. Basically, a select number of political leaders around world would be on a mission to unify political thinking. Is this all true? Yes, it is true.

Now, let us speculate.

If you take the acronym of Oxford English References Dictionary, (which is a product of Oxford University  precisely and not how it referred to currently (OED), which somehow dropped one letter out of the equation – you will get OERD. From O, E, R, D we can create the word ‘ORDER’ or even ‘REODER’.   This a part of the new conspiracy and the deliberate attempt to drop one letter from the acronym. Hmm, see how easy it is to speculate?

But why stop right there? We can go even further in order to excite as many people as possible and particularly those who believe in the conspiracy of New World Order (or even REODER?),  the fundamentalist Christians.

Let us continue. The letter O is #15 in the English alphabet; E is #5, R is #18 and D is #4. Let us put them in order of natural progression: – 4, 5, 15, and 18. So far there appears nothing special.

Now, let us speculate again. Let’s make some special “decoding” of these numbers. Why? Because we can; we speculate! Take the first pair of numbers and subtract (changing current direction/movement/from natural progression to natural digression), the small number from the larger number. What do we get? We get – 5 – 4 = 1 and 18 – 15 = 3.  So far, so good and now, we have the really “meaningful” numbers of 1 and 3. These numbers, now in their natural order, thanks to our speculation, have become strangely meaningful in the combination from nothing to something – the #13

But let’s not forget that the New Order, or even the New Reorder, has two powers as one- political and religious.  The above can be seen as political in its connection to Oxford and the “Rhodes” created new leaders affecting order and governance. Let’s now consider 13 and its relationship to religion.

The number 13 has many different religious associations but let’s take what we want and present it as we please: two different meanings for the same number. Let us shop around the Internet… and here it is on – Properties of the number 13.  We have found one that suits us perfectly: “for the cabalists (currently strongly emerging and taken the world religion), the number 13 is the meaning of snake, the dragon, Satan and the murderer. For Christians number 13 is the representative number of the Virgin Mary, she whose mission is to crush the head of Satan”.

Clearly, this means there is conflict, war is in the air. We have Satan – the bad guy and Mary – the good girl.  Who will win this battle? Who will ally with whom? (The paragraph above is shear speculation but hey it sounds quite dramatic and “meaningful”).

Though the foregoing is not factual information we don’t have to worry, because we are just speculating on other peoples’ opinions and beliefs.

Why are these religious referrals perfect for us?  They are perfect because “cabal” means a group that is trying to control something secretly.  Cabal derives from Kabbalah where #13 = (1+3) = 4 which means a closure of our reality program or the evolution of consciousness back into light.  We can say that this number #4 is the indicator of the forth missing letter from the acronym of the Oxford Dictionary; this is the missing link that ties the new political order to the new religious belief system.

Kabbalah, as a religion or system of beliefs, is based on the mystical interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.  Kabbalah is heavily associated with numerology and occultism.  It has different explanations of the creation of the world and of God, whereas fundamentalist Christians reject anything but the Biblical explanation and basically regard anything different as evil.  Kabbalah is also associated with Freemasonry and Freemasonry is associated with the New World Order conspiracy. Fundamentalist Christians are preoccupied with the end of the world, as well as with the emergence of the Antichrist; they strongly believe in such a conspiracy theory. (This is almost true)

According to Wikipedia, Rhodes became a Freemason in the Apollo University Lodge (part of Oxford). Although initially he did not approve of the organization, he continued to be a Freemason until his death in 1902. The failures of the Freemasons, in his mind, later caused him to envisage his own secret society with the goal of bringing the entire world under British rule”. Therefore, he created the Rhodes scholarship to fund his wish and ideas and it was embraced by Lord Alfred Milner, who became the trustee of the Rhodes scholarship; he was also a Freemason.

What facts?

I took facts, added suppositions + speculation – now I can sell it !

Remember, The Oxford English Reference Dictionary officially does not present under the acronym OERD but as OED; why?  Perhaps it is hiding the real message of Oxford University – not just The ORDER but even the REORDER.

We can even go further with our exercise. If you take #13 (which we speculated on) back into alphabetic association then #1 becomes a letter A and #3 becomes a letter C.

AC stands for – before Christ (that is where old Hebrew scripture comes very handy including Kabbalah) and ironically AC stands for – Companion of the Order of Australia ( which historically was colonized by Britain); and  let’s add some science to this shear speculation. AC stands for – alternating current (the periodic changing of polarity and direction of current flow).

Now we can take any of these three ACs and speculate in every possible direction. I choose the last one which means change of current direction. Hey, I like it! Now we can take OERD (Oxford Dictionary) and move the letters around and guess what? We can easily create ORDER or even REORDER because the word current also means movement (order or reorder of movement?).

So, now we can really go for it!  We can make some conclusions.  One conclusion we can make from all of the above is that the Oxford University is authorized to recruit Freemasons, who are studying for free under a Rhodes scholarship, to become a part of an existing ORDER group that will REORDER (reverse the ORDER) of the world power and establish a new political (United Nation) doctrine and new religious (Kabbalah) system of beliefs for the world.

Clearly, this messy explanation or demonstration, has taken some known facts and data, added some suppositions, then twisted them somewhat and loosely married it all together to create questionable support for a New World Order conspiracy. It is only a demo, isn’t it?

However, some conspiracy theory believers could happily take the above and develop this with enthusiasm; after all they have now uncovered a new conspiracy!  The missing fourth letter – what joy!

So please, be very careful when considering conspiracy theories and try to reach and deal with REAL FACTS, and not just SPECULATIONS and SUPPOSITIONS.

My warmest regards,
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  1. Crazy stuff – there is always a sucka to follow any idea. Apparently a lot of them. Many of my students believe in 2012. It only makes me laugh. Impressive post

  2. Ahh at last i finished reading your article.This proves something,People love conspiracy theories.It makes interesting reading material.The basic question of our life i.e Why are we here ?could not be answered properly,which drives us into believing in these theories and occults and secret society.There must be something going which we are unaware of.Religion is very mystical and contributes to these theories.The number 13 might have come from the 13 people in last supper and Judas being the 13th guest made it unlucky.As far as i am concerned i will wait for more evidence to believe these theories but would not negate them.
    Thanks for sharing this with us and for the hard work you have put in research.

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