How to write best business messages?

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Writing business message to get your customers’ attention.

Answers from Elena Ornig


Answering your questions.

Rule number one – clarity.  Clarity on what you are trying to achieve (your aim).  Clarity about who you are as a business identity.  Clarity on your product (service): what it is, what are its benefits, how to purchase it, how to use it (instructions). A short, concise, simple and clear message is the key to getting your customers’ attention.

Rule number two – make your message emotionally appealing with impact. To make it appealing, use plain language with emotion triggering words. Where do you start from? Start from your analysis of customer requirements and wishes (you should have your customer analysis data always updated and at your finger tips).

Let’s say, hypothetically, you are a financial company that created a new product based on your first market analysis. You already know that your customers need assistance in saving money.  Write down every word that your customer analysis indicates as a wish and what they are looking for. Next, simplify every word that your wrote down.  Instead of “assistance” try “help”, instead of “requiring” try “need”, and so on. Many of these words are already in the group of emotional trigger words. When you finish this exercise you might end up with the following string of words: need, new, free, extras, help, save, fast, now.  As can be seen, if you put these words together you can glean the  emotional appeal of you customers’, thereby creating the basis for a sentence of needs based on your analysis: “Need-new-free-extra-help -save–fast- now” or “Now- need -new –free- extra- help save -fast”.

Play with these words to create an emotionally appealing message. Think of how you can join some benefits and resolutions into your message. Build your message by using simple emotional words to present your company or product as “value for money”. Try this for example,” Need to save extra money fast?  Call and get help from our new consultants.  First consultation is free. Call now!” This example is a clear instruction plus action words. This short business message clearly states who you are (a consulting company and “money” indicates clearly that you are in the financial industry). You have a new team of consultants (new is always a good emotional trigger word). Your first consultation is free (benefit and emotional trigger word). The emotional trigger word fast clearly states that the customer’s need to save money will be resolved quickly (benefit).  As you can see, this is a simple, concise, short and very appealing message with impact: safe-fast-now.


Clarity, emotional appeal and correct placement is vital for business messages.

Need to save extra money fast?

Call and get help from our new consultants.

First consultation is free. Call now!  (The telephone number).

Customers in this case don’t need to know, or probably care about, your company name yet, or even of your credibility; and this wasn’t your aim. Your aim was to get their attention and create their wish to call you. All they need to hear from your message is that you will help them, initially for free; that their problem will be resolved fast, and with your help they will finally be able to save extra money. They just need to call, as soon as possible (now). In this case they will only write your telephone number to call, and that is all you need to happen to bring customers to your door.  When they start to call you will know you achieved exactly what you clearly aimed for. In professional language, your message was clear and created impact by focusing on your customers’ requirements and needs.

Rule number three is the correct placement of your message to most effectively reach your customers. Where to best advertise (place) your message? This is as easy as it can get because, in general terms, it is all based on your business location relative to your customers’ location, and therefore is based on common sense.  If you are a local business you advertise locally.  If you are a Global business you advertise globally.

In conclusion, the three major rules – clarity, emotional appeal with impact, and correct placement is vital for writing and placing business messages.

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Written by Elena Ornig

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