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" Looking "

What about you? Still looking?

What about you? Still looking?

I was never a skinny kid, rather quite the opposite. During my life time I tried everything I heard of to slim down because earlier in my life our local doctor declared that I was definitely overweight. To be honest I didn’t need to know his opinion, I could see it in the mirror, everyday. I felt ashamed of my visual physical appearance and couldn’t work out why I was much fatter than others, including my youngest sister.

Later on, I learned that a factor of our own metabolism has significant effect on our weight because it is directly involved in the process of maintaining body weight. Every living organism has its own rate of metabolism that is simply the speed at which the body works on a chemical and physical level. That is why you sometimes hear people say, “My metabolism is low” or “My metabolism is naturally fast”. It is all about rate; the faster the rate the lower your natural weight will be, and conversely, the lower the rate the more likely that your weight will be quite substantial.

However, one aspect that I didn’t find out before I was twenty was ‘genetic inheritance’ and I was blaming myself, instead. That wasn’t my total problem. I also didn’t realise that on top of my genetic inheritance, I was simply eating too much. I was eating too much because my parents, who experienced hunger after the Second World War, were obsessed with always having as much food as possible in the house and, as a result, they were over feeding us. So, eating a lot became a habit that I didn’t realize I had. The desire to look and be less fat was playing on my mind all the time.

I tried many diets, and often the initial result would be desirable weight loss, but only for a short period of time. I would lose some kilos but soon gain it back. I battled with my weight for a long period of time. Around three years ago I heard about a group of food products that, because of their natural property, can increase the rate of metabolism. It wasn’t a fad diet as we know it; it was a long term solution to increasing the existing rate of metabolism. Long term didn’t worry me too much; all I wanted was just to get my metabolism to work faster. I was quite determined and it paid off.

Giving advice on weight loss

I introduced this group of products to my everyday food consumption.

I introduced this group of products to my everyday food consumption as the main food group that I was eating, and complemented it with many vegetables. The products are well known and quite easy to find: Oranges, but not the orange juice as it has too much sugar in it; Pistachio nuts; tuna, sardines and salmon; duck and chicken; all sorts of peppers, including sweet pepper and all types of capsicum. I also had a slightly reduced amount of carbohydrates and an increased amount of complementary vegetables, mostly greens.

It took me a few months before the effect was noticeable but eventually I lost more than 10 kilograms. It was a pleasant surprise for me that after one and a half years, my weight loss stopped around a particular figure and stabilized right there during the following year, and remains there still. I do not have time to go to the gym and I only play tennis with my friends once a week. Most of my time is spent sitting in front of my computer and writing.
The effect I achieved through a deliberate and long term approach, without taking fat blasting and fast weight loss diets, is noticeable and rewarding.

I am not a doctor, and I certainly cannot tell you if it is right for you. All I am trying to do by publishing my experience of achieving desirable weight loss is to bring to your attention the fact that fast diets provide only short term effects. The long term approach for losing weight makes more sense. It develops the right attitude for controlling your eating habits and takes away the stress imposed on your body when you shock it by introducing fast fat blasting diets. There are no short cuts in anything in our lives. Every substantial result can only be achieved by a long term approach.

This statement is my conclusion from many years of trying everything else and finally finding a solution that works, and is therefore right, for me. If you have any specific questions you can ask them on our website.

Warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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  1. This is so true what you said about metabolism and specially about diets. Body suffers when you are on diet and after a while returns more than you lost. It’s counter effect and works bad on your immune system. As for me, I feel better and lose weight when I avoid eating sweets, cakes and stop drinking sodas and juices. Only lemonade and tea but without sugar. It’s all up to you, your habits and organism.

  2. good article. I found the which diet works for me. What about you? Still looking? I am not a fat person, but health remains important. diet with a good menu, will help you find a fit body. always successful.

  3. Hi Elena. Very interesting article. I have no weight problem because my metabolic rate is high. Besides never getting overweight no matter what or how much I ate,I also believe this high metabolic rate helps keep me healthy.

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