Legendary Fighter John Wayne Parr sharing his heart and mind legacy.

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The man with a gift, that many refer to as “blessed by God”, giving his heart, mind and experience to the next generation.

Answers from Elena Ornig

At the National Convention Centre of the Australian capital, Canberra, just a few days ago (30th July), the world renowned and legendary Muay Thai fighter ‘John’ Wayne Parr won again. He never stops, regardless of being an eight times world champion ‘John’ Wayne Parr continue to fight, but more importantly he continues to teach, to guide and to share his love and life dedication for Muay Thai, it’s traditions and the philosophy behind it.

Known around the world, he is a true legend of Australia, but he is becoming ever greater – the man with a gift, that many refer to as “blessed by God”, giving his heart, mind and experience to the next generation; sharing his own life long legacy.  “My wife and I have been professional athletes and Muay Thai fighters our entire adult lives. The life of a martial artist is not for everyone, nor does everyone understand it. We are however, dedicated to a life of discipline, respect and healthy living and instill these principals into our students and our children” – states ‘John’ Wayne Parr.

Every time, I meet Wayne and his family at their Boonchu Gym at Burleigh I am astonished at how humble they are, not just with me but with everyone around. I believe this reflects their total dedication to a life of discipline, respect and healthy living as a legacy of life. For Wayne and his beautiful wife Angela it’s all about embracing the optimism of life in others, helping others to build strong character, and assisting others to become resilient to any adversities of life regardless of their age or gender.

 ‘John’ Wayne Parr: 

“Age or Gender is not a barrier to anyone on life’s journey to constantly improve themselves and their life. The beautiful thing about Muay Thai is that you can never reach the top. Every day you learn something new for the growth of your mind, body and spirit. You might feel like you have perfected your body fitness for the last few months but if you stop, just for one week, you will find yourself in the realisation that you have lost almost thirty percent of what you had; so you have to start again. Muay Thai is one of those sports where you are constantly evolving as a person as well as an exponent of the art. You might never touch the stars but you are constantly trying to reach them. The sky is the limit”

Wayne, you look very fit and many sportsmen are. However, some men might feel shy and awkward to come to your gym and stand next to a man like you. What would you say to them? Would it be difficult for them to fit in?

“Not at all!  We care, we support, we encourage and we welcome everyone.  We teach, we guide, we train and we share our experience with every member of our gym.  Everyone helps everybody to improve to a level of the best of their ability. Everyone in our gym is friendly and supportive; once you come in, you will find out just how much fun we have. It is pretty much just like one huge happy and caring family.

From my personal experience, after just one week, a new member usually gains self-esteem and demonstrates positive growth in self-confidence. They realise the great opportunity to mold (strengthen) their mind, body and heart for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Mastering the Art of Muay Thai is to master your body, mind and spirit. Muay Thai is based on belief in yourself. Training in my gym is based on self improvement rather than being based on coming and preparing for a fight; fighting is not compulsory but is available for those devotees who want to test themselves in that manner.  Only about 25% of our gym numbers actually train to fight.

Photo from Boonchu Gym

Training session

Yes, as a trainer it is an ultimate compliment to see someone strive to be an amazing fighter, but one can just come to simply enjoy the actual training. The training helps to control aggression. For example, many people experience aggression because of everyday life stress. They work all day, then have to commute back home; during all this time their stress levels build up thereby resulting in the build up of aggression that is very unhealthy for the mind, body, heart and family.

But if you come here for an hour or so, you work up a big sweat and might go home feeling exhausted, but then you take shower and you feel de-stressed and alive. You are not lounging on a couch, you are not eating junk food in front of TV or drinking beers to reduce your stress – you’re living a healthy life and your stress has gone; you feel that life is good. You need to exercise to get out of the ‘dragging on’ routine of home, commute, work, commute and home again. It is not just Muay Thai but any sport in general that breaks that stressful routine. Not just moving your body, but having some goal in life, something to live for – not just home and work. Preparing yourself to choose and live your own destiny and reach your own dreams.

Photo of Angela Parr

Angela Parr at Boonchu Gym

When I was a young boy I wanted to win a world title and not just anywhere, but in Bangkok, and particularly against the ‘ridgydidge’ Thais and I have now done it three times against the best in the world. Every other title I won because I was very lucky, just lucky. I was lucky enough to do that, lucky enough to fulfill my dream multiple times and now I am lucky to be able to share my experience and help others to find their own dreams and live towards it, and to help others to simply live a healthier life.

Well, Wayne, may I just say that being gifted and blessed is one thing but becoming a legend is something that only a few can achieve.  Therefore, I wonder what you would say to those who might feel intimidated by approaching the legendary fighter ‘John’ Wayne Parr and asking can they train with you.

“This is my gym, Boonchu Gym, and I put my heart and soul into teaching and helping others. I will greet them at the door as I always do. I personally train, teach and guide and I have my soul mate and life partner Angie, my wife, who also trains our members next to me. Between the two of us we run our successful gym business full of champions, not just fighters but all great people. When people walk in I am happy to see them.  For me and Angie it is not just a job – it’s our life, and every member rightfully becomes part of our life as family.”

Thank you, Wayne. I hope people will see the real man behind the legendary fighter. The man who is greater than titles; a humble, kind and caring family man; the man who is living his destiny, achieving his dreams and sharing his life’s legacy.  A man dedicated to a life of discipline, respect and healthy living. I wish you the all best.

For a further insight into ‘John’ Wayne Parr and his life partner Angela’s many outstanding achievements, go to www.boonchu.com 

On the Boonchu site you will also find a ‘trailer’ to the official release of the Documentary covering the life of “John’ Wayne Parr titled ‘Blessed with Venom’.  This documentary is going to be absolutely awe inspiring.

For a snapshot read and appreciation of his International fame go to www.fightmag.net/?p=11714

Photo of Boonchu Gym


Wayne and Angela welcome you to visit the Boonchu Gym to view their facilities and to have a chat with them about Muay Thai and its associated discipline is their life.

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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  1. Hello,

    A fantastic article about a great guy, by someone that appreciates everything about this amazing Art/Sport and those involved.

    Thanks for publishing this.

    Stay safe,

  2. Elena,

    That is an awesome story about Wayne. It is the best and most positive i have seen in a while. I know Wayne and Angie and they are 2 of the most beautiful people i have met in my life. They have a beautiful family and welcome all new people into there lives with open arms. My 2 young boys train under Angie’s tutor and they hold both Wayne and Angie in high regard. Thank you for taking the time to show the world the real person “John” Wayne Parr is :)

    Kind regards

    • Thank you, Kaye!
      Greatly appreciated!
      You boys have the best theacher not just in Muay Thai but in life.
      I hope I can meet you, one day, at Boonchu Gym and say Hello!
      My warmest regards,
      Elena Ornig

  3. Thank you so much Elena for coming into my world and sharing it with your readers. It is such a honour to read your thoughts on your site, the best interview anyone has ever wrote about my business and myself.
    I owe you a beer (or a cup of tea ha ha).

    • Thank you very much, John Wayne Parr!

      Greatly appreciated!
      The honour is mine and a cup of tea, with LEGEND, is simply fantastic.

      My warmest regards,
      Elena Ornig

  4. Hi Elena,
    Wow! Another great article about a great guy, including his family and gym. Wayne is truly a living legend. Thanks for the insight into his mindset.

    • Thank you, Brian!

      I value your opinion a lot! I hope you know that.
      John Wayne Parr is ” blessed by God” but I was blessed by chance to meet Wayne and his adorable family.

      Wondering what to bring for tea…

      My warmest regards,
      Elena Ornig

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