Loustar answering via first gig at The Loft

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Loustar makes her first gig at The Loft as one strong knock off effect.

Answers from Elena Ornig about Loustar.

On the 4th of June 2011, at ‘The Loft’ I met with Lou Kacer, known in musical circles and to her fans as Loustar. If you think I have a biased opinion you will not be disappointed. I love her music.  I am a real fan, I adore her outgoing personality and I believe in her talent.

Right there I had a strong feeling of premonition; I saw and I felt that this particular day had become the turning point of her career. Needless to say, going to her latest performance to witness her first gig at The Loft was symbolic to my personal general wish of only the best for her. She was excited during our previous coffee session at her place because she now has her own Manager – Amber Searle, to whom I was looking forward to being introduced. I was keen to learn how Loustar’s well deserved bright future will be shaped and developed here in Australia.

Loustar at The Loft

Loustar is taking stage

At around 9 pm Loustar comfortably took the stage, greeted the anticipating audience and gave her last advice to a sound engineer,” It has to be loud… Beautiful!”

She began her in-the-loop creation of music, lyrics and dancing show case, and for the first few seconds everybody became shockingly quite. I wasn’t surprised because her music sounds very different, clearly original, and definitely memorable. With Loustar’s intricate musical arrangement you need to rearrange your personal internal “receiver” from expected to anew.

Loustar creats new music

With Loustar’s intricate musical arrangement you need to rearrange your personal internal “receiver” from expected to anew.

Repeating pre-selected musical phrases, adding passionate improvisation, and mixing it all together with provocative lyrics and dancing – results in one strong knock off effect. That effect of a very unusual vibration of flourishing rhythm evokes a strong emotional reaction from the listeners. To my admiration, Loustar perfectly and masterfully controlled it via direct interaction with the audience. She has this amazing ability to cross, to mix and to close her stage show case with a magical emotional trigger causing the spectators to happily jump in and join her on stage with their own original improvisations.  Some with just newly invented words and some with their own authentic instruments like a pair of tea spoons. It was absolutely fascinating to watch.

Joining Loustar at the stage

Some with just newly invented words…

No doubt, her first gig at The Loft was a big success. Already having a countless fan base in Japan, she finally returned ‘home’ to share her talented performances with her fellow Australians.

As for me, I was not in the position to relax. I was even more curious to hear the evolving plans for Lou’s future as formulated by her Manager, Amber Searle: “We have known each other for a long time, since about 17 or 18. I travelled, she travelled and we met occasionally but not more than once a year. I had known for some time that she was performing with other bands but I didn’t know that she became an individual performer who writes her own music and lyrics.

Just a few weeks ago we started to talk on Facebook and to our mutual surprise we discovered that we end up living at the same street. Immediately, I went down the street to her place and I became fascinated with her music. I said quite jokingly that I would drop everything to become her Manager but she took it seriously, knowing that I am an experienced bands’ Manager.

Later, I thought about it and it made perfect sense for me to work with Lou Kacer. I am finishing my Bachelor degree this year and I planned to take some break before completing my Masters Degree, but more importantly I had realised how talented and dedicated she is and therefore I can see how much we can achieve together. I am not in any case under illusion that it will be very easy because by being experienced I know it will be difficult to build an international successful career for any, even talented, performer. But after learning of everything she has done and achieved on her own I have very strong faith in her dedication to succeed.

Amber Searle

Loustar’s Manager Amber Searle

I will probably rephrase it and say I have no doubt in her talent, her dedication and therefore her future success. By knowing what is really involved in the overall process of bringing up emerging talent, any  Manager can only succeed by feeling real conviction and that is exactly what I realised about myself in regard to Loustar’s music. I am totally convinced that together we will make it work. After hearing her music I knew – this is very special, quite new and undoubtedly has huge potential. I was already convinced about it, but after today’s performance I feel absolutely exited. She is great.

Currently, I am formulating my plans to create huge exposure of her talent inside Australia, but in parallel we will continue to build on her success in Japan.  I am excited because I can see how natural she feels on stage during her performance, how easily she holds direct interaction with an audience and how much everyone likes what she offers as a performer. So, people just have to see her and to know her. The more she will get out and about the faster we will build her presence in Australia.

All I have to do right now is to take my phone book and call around, organising more of her public performances and introducing her music to the professional circle. I have to hear and analyse their opinion and feedback in order to polish and improve her branding. I am looking at the ground up building of Loustar in Australia and I have to be careful of preserving her strong individuality and authenticity; that is very important for both of us and I know this is a good starting point.”

I was so happy to hear Amber’s taking on and I have no doubt she is the perfect Manager for Lou but the evening wasn’t finished yet. Earlier I had noticed in the audience a couple of young men and how they were glued to the stage for the whole time. One of them even went on stage to improvise together with Loustar in the end but I couldn’t find him anywhere. The second young man was still around and I went straight up and asked him what he thought about Loustar’s performance. His name – Nick Nicely, and apparently he has known Lou Kacer for a long time:

“I know Lou for more than 15 years. We went to the same school together. I remember that she was a little bit crazy, she was a beautiful person and she was heaps of fun. She was fantastic, actually. I remember one particular thing. There were two people in our school who were allowed to have crazy hair styles, one was Lou and the other one was me. The Principle and the Deputy Principal, out of everyone in the whole school, never got us in trouble for it: purple hair, red hair, blue hair and whatever. They never spoke harshly about it to us but everyone else would get in trouble for it.

After Loustar's performance

She was fantastic; she was bringing a lot to a party. You know what? I am not surprised of her success in Japan. I am not surprised, but I am impressed, and I know she deserves everything she has got already because of who she is. She needs to be this person and as far as I am concerned she deserves it all, as she worked very hard for it. She really just deserves it.

Personally I like dance music and break bits but her music, it has so much more. It’s funky, it has really catchy rhythm and it just makes me want to dance. I really enjoyed her performance, today.”

I managed to bring Nick and Lou together for a memorable photo, which you can see above.

There was one more girl, Erin Martin, who I met earlier together with Lou. She had said something interesting when I asked her if she likes Loustar’s music. She said: “It’s not too bad”. So, I was wondering if she had more to say after today’s performance. I caught up with Erin on the way out and she started to laugh:

Loustar before her gig at The Loft

Loustar and Erin Martin at The Loft

“You didn’t understand, I was just joking. I love Loustar’s music very much and I actually know Lou for some time already. We work together. She is a wonderful and beautiful person and I was happy for her performance at The Loft. It went so well and I enjoyed it with my friends. See, this is a camera of my partner. I brought it specially to take some photos and I took heaps with it. She was just fantastic on stage; absolutely fantastic.”

I know it feels so good when you are recognised for your talent and I saw and heard how many people where congratulating and thanking Loustar for her first gig at The Loft. She was laughing, hugging everyone and thanking her many fans. She was happy and I was happy for her.

One more memorable event for us on the Gold Coast at the very popular local venue – The Loft, and I still believe this is the turning point in the promising future for Loustar. This is her very own and memorable knock off effect in Australia.

You can find Loustar and her music at : 



My warmest regards,

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Written by Elena Ornig

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