Memorable Events of 2010

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On the 29th of August 2010, on top of a hill, in the Miami private ‘castle’ of Renata Castellé, a small but very interesting meeting took place. The first readers of “The Queen of The Castle”, published by Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd, met Renata Castellé face to face.

Memorable Events First Picture

Young Marcellis listens intensively to Renata Castellé

Readers, together with Renata’s friends and the author of her life story, were chatting away about real life issues. Some of them were wondering if Renata was ‘for real’ after reading her story of how she steered her life away from being the victim, to a path of success and happiness.

“Her moving and encouraging story took me by surprise. I really feel different right now. I feel inspired and happy inside”- said Margaret to the author E.Ornig (E.P.O) on the top of the observation deck.

On The Top Of The Castle

Margaret enjoying scenery from the observation deck

Guests and friends were sharing not just lunch but their own experiences in life and differences of opinions. There were few toast and couple of sparkling discussions about value and meaning of life but more importantly that everyone was happy and relaxed. Everyone was agreeing on one thing- Renata’s life is quite amazing, because it’s real and truly inspirational.

The author, E. Ornig concluded later in her small speech addressing everyone: ”The aim of this book is not to shock people with how tragic it is to be a victim of family and marriage oppression. The aim of this book is to understand how to deal with it…to embrace your individualism…I can only praise her bravery to open up and trust my judgement of presenting her inspirational life to the public”.

Memorable Events With "Queen"

Author Elena Ornig addressing everyone with a small speech

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“Her strength of character and ability to think positively, to look forward and overcome all previous hardship and obstacles shows what a person can really achieve in themselves and pursue their…” – JO BOLAND

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Written by Elena Ornig

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