Answers about modesty

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Answers from Anya Answers from Anya Tretyakova

If you crave that old fashioned R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as I believe everyone does, you should ask yourself what you are doing to earn it.

A recent, albeit reluctant shortcut through Surfers Paradise late one Saturday night with friends, left me feeling somewhat disheartened about my generation and gender.  Clip-clopping through the streets, like some drunken parade of stilt walkers, I saw group after group of young women looking uncannily alike.  I am not referring to their skin color, physical build or hair color – although an inordinate amount sported the Gold Coast peroxide ‘do.  What I could not help but notice, was the prolific number of indecently short dresses and ridiculously high-heeled shoes.  Now ladies, I am not trying to say that short skirts and kitten heels are the devil, but when you sit down, the former should not expose your underwear (which is hopefully present and accounted for) and the latter should not cause a fall which requires the use of a hydraulic winch to get back up from.  Furthermore, if you are preparing for a night out with friends with the intention of seeing who can consume the most alcohol without throwing up in public, the aforementioned choice of garb strikes one as being somewhat impractical.

Pointing out Respect


Once my friends and I were safely in our car (doors locked), I found myself wondering what had inspired the recent dress standards and behaviour I had noticed in young women and adolescent girls.  Perhaps it’s the product of contemporary media grossly misinterpreting feminist theory, as epitomized in that recent pop cultural phenomenon Sex and the City. After all, what could be more empowering than watching four young, attractive, financially independent women who have nothing better to do than obsess about men, sex and shoes? Or maybe the inspiration stems from seeing younger and younger female recording artists gyrating their hips in music videos, sans pants.  We get it Miley, you’re a grown up now and you can’t be tamed.

Respect? How?

However powerfully influential our Western media may be, at what point do we as individuals, relinquish our responsibility to conduct ourselves with intelligence and modesty?  I am in no way suggesting that young women dress like Amish maidens when they go out on a Saturday night, but a little more decorum and a little less skin would go a long way.  I believe it is every woman’s responsibility to give themselves the respect they deserve by dressing and acting in a way that does not convince every person within a 10 meter radius that they are desperate for attention, easy, stupid, or all of the above.  It is also the responsibility of every woman young or old, to show every young girl she encounters, that being a woman is not about what men think of you, but what you think about yourself.  At the end of the day, if you crave that old fashioned R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as I believe everyone does, you should ask yourself what you are doing to earn it.

Just sharing opinion!

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Written by Anya Tretyakova

Sometime thespian, wannabe film director. Lover of literature for life.