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Great music!  Great People!

Answers from Elena Ornig


“The Loft” – Great people! Great Place! Great Music!

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Answers from ” The Loft “

Someone said: “To become rich – start feeling good!” and I am just repeating the saying because a few days ago I was practicing that advice by taking action. Like many others, I was invited to “The Loft” on Chevron Island to see a performance of Electrik Lemonade and others. “Come and get funke’d up @ the Loft tonight!”

I checked up on what “The Loft” is all about and found: “Great food! Great music! Great People!”  Sounded promising to me in order to feel good, so I announced on FB (Facebook) that I was going, regardless if anyone cared. I invited my friend Ceresse to keep me company and she replied, “Yes, I would love to”. I was already starting to feel good.

When we arrived at The Loft we realized that the average age of the audience was about half of ours; but we reasoned that the young energy around us could only positively energize our, developed by age, conservatism. Up the stairs we went to a very friendly welcome.  After being tagged with green bracelets on our wrists we went straight to the bar. With a glass of wine for my friend and a lemon squash for me, we squeezed onto the balcony. Ceresses’ phone called and she left me to myself, but not for long. A mysterious looking lady was sitting alone just two steps away; wearing dark glasses and a black dress she reminded me of a ‘perfect spy’.

“Hi, my name is Elena. Are you local?”

“Amanda, I am from Brisbane. My son invited me to come and see a performance of Electrik Lemonade. The lead singer, Ashley, is his friend”

“How interesting, may I?”

I sat and I asked questions. Amanda talked and I listened; I was fishing for extra information, an inquisitive habit of mine. Soon her son invited us into the special performance room. Electrik Lemonade was getting ready. Off we went, both in anticipation. Ceresse was still on the phone.

I took a seat and got my notepad out. Amanda decided to stay next to her son, nearby.

The actual room was much wider than the others, with red carpet, a Ficus shrub adorning the corner, a few paintings above the stage area, two round and red Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a sofa to my side and wooden stairs opposite. The stairs invited the audience to the next level that looked like an upper balcony. It felt almost homey, quite unpretentious and very relaxing. I looked around at the people to observe their reaction to the group’s performance. The first song they sang, ‘Jasper the Cat’, was written by a member of the group. The lead singer, Ashley, with a charming smile was giving his heart away and many young girls were getting very excited. They liked the group as it moved through six songs, enjoying it for what it was worth.

One particular lady caught my eyes. A very attractive brunette, in a classically cut dress and black stylish shoes, seemed to enjoy the songs more than others as she sang and danced along to the music. I could see that she knew every word of every song. I confirmed later, when talking to her outside, that she is a real fan and she indeed did know all the words and songs performed. Was I surprised or not? I wasn’t. Electrik Lemonade deserves to have many more fans, for sure. I liked their music and lyrics of all their songs. I felt really good and relaxed, to the stage where I was nodding and tapping while following the rhythm of their music. “This is good, this is definitely very good music” I concluded.  So, who are Electrik Lemonade and what did I find out about the group?

This was their first performance together as a band in front of an audience. They all attend the Conservatorium of Music. They actually met there. The five strangers, united by funk, are young by age and at heart. They are based on the Gold Coast and play Funk/Fusion/Rock. They have their stage names sorted out: Muffins- lead singer, Cheeky B – lefty guitars and Bass, Jakey D – rightly guitars and Bass, Funkadilic G – Keys, Vocoder and FX; and Cowboy Matt – jungle beats (drums). All current members have been together since November, 2009. They have more than a dozen original songs and are constantly working on more. They have pages on “MySpace”: and 149 friends, mostly other bands. They are definitely a very talented and promising group of ‘five strangers’. Check them out and enjoy.

My warmest regards,

Somehow I lost my friend Ceresse, so I went down and out onto the street looking for her. Quickly scanning left and right I couldn’t see her, so back up the stairs I went, straight to the room with the stage; there she was, leaning on the wooden stairs, waiting for the next group’s appearance.

“I nearly lost you. Do you want to stay for longer?”

“Yes, I want to listen to this next group.”

“Okay, I wouldn’t mind either.”

“Who are they?”

“They said: Mayan Fox.”

I stood next to her and ‘boy oh boy’, as soon as I heard the music I corrected what I had said, “…wouldn’t mind?’ “I couldn’t forgive myself if I couldn’t hear this group!” I was heavily hooked on the vibrant harmony of exotic sound with witty lyrics and bouncing vibes all over the room. I wanted to sing along but I didn’t know the words, lol… Ceresse was happily whispering, “I like this music so much, I’m glad we stayed” She was almost dancing and I felt the same; it was impossible not to. The whole group was moving in every direction, out in front and back, dancing and turning around; so natural and so engaging, as if they were floating together with the amazing sound of their fascinating music. I finally felt it; I felt totally happy from inside out. I felt rich; rich with my own happy heart. I joined others on the dance floor. Now it was my turn to float around as I realized how I missed the long forgotten experience of dancing sprees.

“Ceresse, I will interview this band, I really want to tell others about these amazing musicians. I will.” I was just about to close my car’s door when a young man stopped me. To my surprise it was the lead singer of Mayan Fox.

“Excuse me, this is for you, you won our CD for best dancing. Here it is”

“Thank you, what is your name?”

“Nate. Nate Hamon”

“Nice to meet you Nate, I would like to write about your group. Can we arrange an interview? This is my card.”

“Okay, I will contact you”.

The following interview was with Mayan Fox.

Nate did as he promised. Honestly, I guarantee you that you will thank me for introducing you to this group which you will never forget. Their music is simply contagious!

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.


  1. Totally agree. Both bands were excellent but Mayan Fox certainly had the rhythm and energy that hooks me in, every time. Love the Loft. A great place to chill and listen to some awesome music. Thanks for a great evening guys and Maria.

  2. I came to see the last band (who were fantastic by the way) but was also blown away by the quality of the other bands. That suprises me that it was Electric lemonades first gig. they were very tight and accomplished musicians. I hope they go far! I actually didn’t realise until the night that Mayan Fox were performing. I had seen them before at Hard rock Cafe and have always loved there stuff. they have a real energy that as you say seems very genuine and not contrived. Very catchy too!

    It was an excellent night all round!

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