No wonder, I want to be a geek!

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It is all about perception in our world, isn’t it?

Answers from Elena Ornig

Historically, the word geek went through a big transformation from its original meaning: freak, fool, and crazy, into describing someone as being actively interested in technology and mathematics. What a ride! Now this is becoming something of what one might consider to be worship.

I certainly, found myself with the strong desire to become one of them -a geek. It is all about perception in our world, isn’t it? The perception of respect based on dogmatic social associations and the easier something is to label the more acceptable they are by the masses.

Although, the meaning of geek is still indefinite – it is evolving into the respectable territory of learning, capability and intelligence. So, how do we now perceive a geek or geeks and how are they reconciled with the existing modern world?  In my view – quite spectacularly! From obsessive tech-enthusiasts they are becoming single-minded or better to say – purpose driven experts in science and technology (which by the way is one of the recognizable characteristics of a Genius).  You might argue that there is still the stigma of a socially inept and an unfashionable personality but I can argue that our society has got it all wrong. Nothing is attractive about a man or woman, blindly following fashionable trends but having nothing to offer to a meaningful conversation – that better defines socially inept.

We now have articles written about famous geeks that have changed our world for the better! Consider just a few of them carefully: the founder of Project Gutenberg and creator of the eBook – Michael Hart, who never cared for fashion or money; the creator of Twitter – Jack Dorsey , who is now a multi-billionaire; the creator of Amazon – Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen , who is now worth US$25 Billion, the Father of Computer Science – Alan Mathison Turing and the list goes on… Who has ever cared about how fashionable they were but what would you give to just talk to one of them for a few minutes..?

So, no wonder, I want to be a geek or at least part of that crowd, particularly now that they are organizing themselves into groups and tech communities around the world. They are self-organizing spaces and venues for cooperation, collaboration and social activities.  To them, meeting people in person has become more important than ever before. Coming together under names like ‘Computer Geeks’, ‘Girl Geek Dinners’, ‘Geeky & Proud’, ‘Cambridge Geek Nights’ and so on, they are on the rise – everywhere. So, do not miss the opportunity to become a part of the new world-wide movement of science and technology enthusiasts, hackers, data journalists, software developers, engineers or simply to say – people with great ideas. They want to share their knowledge and their ideas. You heard me right! They are gathering and growing in number and influence.

Their great ideas are focused on innovations that could propel progress, change the world and even to save the world. What can be more meaningful and exiting in our time regardless of whether you are interested in science and technology or not? They need others to listen, observe and provide feedback. Their main agenda is to work with people from other industries, businesses, institutions and government organisations and share ideas.  After all – sharing is caring.

Geeks are the future

Here, in Australia, the movement is taking off rapidly and many groups, organisations and communities are already well established. Personally, I wasn’t aware about this until I came across a national event – GovHack 2013.  As a recent graduate with a Diploma of Information Technology, I went to one of the organizers of GovHack on the Gold Coast – Silicon Lakes (a non-profit public company focused on mentoring, teaching and assisting tech start-ups, founders and entrepreneurs). I went as an observer, ending up a member of the simPROVAL team. Our team’s project won three local prizes for the software application we proposed.

There, I met many members of local groups and later joined Gold Coast TechSpace, non-for-profit organisation, based on the highly successful Hackerspace model, found all over the world, with thousands of groups in the US and several in Australian cities, including Brisbane. Now, I am on my way to listen, to observe, to learn and maybe one day, share my own great ideas with the some of the most interesting and innovative people in our society – the geeks.

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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.