Press Release Structure

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Elena Ornig is answering your questions about Press Release structure.

Press Box

Timing: Press release can be “for immediate release”, or “release on a specific date”.  It is recommended to use the first preference since the latter may not be honored at all times.

Target: To whom the press release is intended. When targeting a specific group of people or professions, it may read like the following: Attention sports editors, Attention business editors, Attention entertainment editors.

Headline: This can be opted to write in all capital letters. Consider using shorter titles and make it interesting. Alliteration can be of help or giving tips.

Sub-Headline: This is optional. However, sub headlines are used to get the attention of readers and audience. This also provides a description of the target niche or specific topic.

Date: It is necessary when reporting, such as news clip or other events specified with a date. For example, a press release written for some key speaker for a current convention will not give relevance to readers when found a year after. Omitting the date in press releases is recommended.

Introductory paragraph: Get the interest of the reader. It answers the common questions what, who, when and where.  Always remember to write it short.

Subsequent paragraph: Presents the facts and other information that support the subject of the press release. This may contain no more than two paragraphs.

Further Information: Contain some more information in order to encourage the reader to follow the link towards the primary article. Somehow, if the readers reached this point, they will most likely to follow on the link.

Contact: The portion, where to place the information in order to be contacted. Usually it is sufficient to provide your name and contact email address. However, if you intend to sell some product or provide a service, then placing the contact telephone number is necessary for them to be able to call.

Below are the links from which to register and be able to begin posting the press releases. There are many works to be done, but the gain would be beneficial.

• Pressbox 
• Free Press Release Distribution Service
• Press About
• PRWindow
• Search and News Enhanced Press Release Distribution
• Index/Press Release Forum

Online resources have been prominently used by most consumers to search for information that they need.  They look for items, services, enterprises and other ideas. Audience is directly targeted. There will be no intermediaries or editors to screen the content. They need up-to-date information and instructions on how to use the product. Keywords that are optimized correctly will get to organic position to the search engines. For about a week, the press release can make it from the searches of news to the searches on the web.

A press release that is optimized correctly will most likely be chosen and published at other sites in relation with the information being shared.  This will eventually increase the volume of traffic toward the website content. Keywords that are linked properly will create inbound links in relation the content. Afterwards, it will have a positive impact on the ranking in the search engine. It is essential to keep the keywords at the top of the press release within the primary phases.

Example #1

Example #2

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