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Answers from Elena Ornig

What are the advantages of publishing and selling digital books?

Digital books are books created using a computer, sold on the Internet and can be downloaded using software. There are several advantages of selling digital books like: There is no need to put-up a store.Orders and deliveries are easier to handle. There will be lesser employees. The opportunity in earning is unlimited. The capital investment is lesser. Selling digital books is easy to operate. There is no concern in putting up inventory. Digital books are faster and not expensive to publish.

In book publishing, several things can be done using non-traditional procedures. The writer can decide on various things regarding e-book publishing. The creator can decide for its contents and layout. The income from e-book publishing is personal. Digital books are easy to revise than other hard copy publications. Digital books may include hyperlinks to audio and video content, podcast interviews and resource assistance by the same author. It can be a good business marketing tools.

Selling digital books can be one way to highlight professional know how and developed expertise.  It is convenient to book patrons. Unlike printed books, digital books are environment friendly. Selling can be done at the time of choice and pacing. The selling opportunity is twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year.

"Selling Globaly"

Selling can be done at the time of choice and pacing

What are the services included in self-publishing?

Self publishing services involve assistance for authors to self-publish their books through an organized self publishing process. This is done by using a wide array of publishing tools and services upon the selection of the author. Basic services include editorial services, a cost-effective service to ensure that the book is free from grammatical error, spelling and other common writing errors. Formatting deals with distinct formats for books using digital print-on-demand (POD) technology.

Design, involves formatting of every pages of the book for publishing. It also includes a selection of images as well as cover design. This is creating design professionally. Production of the book includes preparation of the manuscript for submission as well as post editing. Marketing, this is a promotional service for the book to be able to get an attention to the public. Book-selling involves effective promotion of the book through the best promotional mix available.

A tie-up with Google books can be made where several book options can be selected with the purpose of finding the book or books that may interest the readers. It has a search option with link capability, browse option free download, learn more for fast reference, the buy the book or borrow option and the reader connection options.

What are the options in downloading digital books online?

Google makes an offer for free downloadable version of books in the public domain, which is found true search in Google Books. Though browsing in a directory is not available, one can make a keyword search to find the book easily. Two options can be found on the Google Book Search home page. “All books” is filled in by default. However, it can be change to “Full view books”. Afterwards, search can be made for any books of interest. As the results appeared, select by clicking on the books that suit your interest. A “Download” button can be found over the right-hand side, in the column below the title. The option will let the book be downloaded in PDF format.

Reading books online

One can find the book they wanted and enjoy reading them online.

One concern is some full view books are only available for reading online and not for download. Google makes all versions of any books that are out of copyright, downloadable. In conclusion, it is a great feature to have a book that is downloadable for free. One can find the book they wanted and enjoy reading them online or with their own PDF copy. However, there are still rooms for improvement since some limitations are still imminent in the program.

What are the steps in creating digital cover for eBook?

With eBook Template Source, creating digital cover for eBook is easy. Follow the step-by-step instruction that follows: The first step is to access Photoshop and open ‘cover01_blank.psd’ in the ‘’ file. It can be done by clicking on File.

One option is to open it or simply drag-and-drop the file onto the work area. With the template, designing flat eBook cover can be started. It is recommended to use separate layers for all text and graphics. It will be easier afterwards to make changes in the cover design. When the work is satisfactory done, saving the file is necessary.

The second step is to transfer the flat cover into a layer of the 3D template. Start by pressing Ctrl+A on the keyboard or click Select-All. In order to copy the eBook cover press Ctrl+C or click Edit-Copy. Then open ‘cover01.psd’ by clicking File-Open or drag-and-drop the file onto the work area. Finally, choose the ‘Insert Cover Art’ layer found at the bottom right of the screen.

By pressing Ctrl+V on the keyboard, the flat eBook cover will be pasted. Select the Move Tool found at the top of the toolbar or simply by pressing “v’ on the keyboard. Align the left corners of the flat cover with the corners of the 3D template.

What are the things to consider when looking for editing and proofreading services? 

After the ideas of a book have been written, the next concern is to have it checked professionally in order to establish a good publication for release. This job is more credible when contracted with editing and proofreading services that are available online.

Several things have to be considered in order to safeguard the manuscript for editing and proofreading. Online editing and proofreading services can make improvement on publications. Professionals should do editing and proofreading objectively.

Forms and genre include science fiction adventure, romantic theme, poetry or screenplay. Nonfiction should be focused on communicating the ideas concisely to have a perfectly crafted manuscript.

Be sure that the copyrights and confidentiality are assured. Let not your hard worked ideas claimed by others.

Look at the facilities of transferring the manuscripts to establish confidentiality. Another consideration is how fast the manuscript for a certain number of words will be done. Compare prices on the works to be done, and select to the most affordable services available. Precious works have to be safeguarded from stealing.

Plagiarized and duplicate contents are rampant online by copying and leaking of information to others. Choose only reputable and professional services on the matter.

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Written by Elena Ornig

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