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Answers about the real benefit of digital self-publishing.

 Answers from Elena Ornig


Answering your questions

Authors are very sensitive people and for them to choose the right publisher is as important as choosing the right friend.  Does that sound quite dramatic to you?  Well it is actually very close to reality.

Authors agonize through the whole process of writing just one book from an initial idea to the last word.  They spend a considerable amount of time writing, researching, structuring and editing their manuscript before they take their breath and decide to present their book to a publisher for an initial assessment.

All authors know that every publishing company will receive thousands and thousands of new manuscripts each year, including those coming in from professional agents who are not available to, or affordable for, every new author.  The competition is huge and your manuscript will not necessarily be processed quickly.  The author must then wait and agonize over acceptance or rejection, and this will continue until he eventually receives a call or letter from the publisher informing him of the outcome.  If an author is rejected the agony increases.  The rejection letter is usually standard without disclosing the real reasons for rejection as made by the publisher, and there could be many different reasons.

For example: a publisher could reject a new author because the book he/she wrote is similar to one that just came in from an established well-known author. The publisher will make his decision based on simple logic; the established author has followers and the book he wrote, even if it is weaker than the one the new author presented, will sell based on his/her name popularity. Bad luck for the new author but that is the calculated decision for a publisher.  The outcome for the readers is lower quality content.  Luckily for the publisher and his chosen author, the readers have no idea there was a better book available; but the new and rejected author will be in agony for a long time.

Next example: a publisher will reject your book not because it is bad book, but simply because with its lower distribution capacity the publishing house cannot afford to publish your book.  He will not explain to a new author the real reason and an author will think that his/hers book is not good enough to be published. In reality the book could be a potential bestseller but the author will never know that because he didn’t know the real reason for rejection.  Remember the rejection is a standard letter for every author.


Will your book be the ‘next big thing’?

The most common example is the human error of judgment: the editorial committee will discuss all manuscripts initially selected for publishing, and their opinions will be varied and reflect who likes what in such a small group of people. They could all be wrong in the assessment of your book because they do not represent the majority of readers, rather a minority.  They also have to convince the marketing gurus that your book will be the ‘next big thing’ if your manuscript has already passed initial selection criteria; however, if they cannot convince the marketing gurus, your book will be taken off the list and the standard letter will be send to you.  Again, the agony of rejection will be the same because the author doesn’t know the real reason for rejection and can very easily make a wrong and damaging conclusion.

Unfortunately, for many new and unknown authors, that is it, and the only way to go forward is to try self-publishing.   For the rejected author who only concentrated on writing a good book, this new way of self –publishing could seem an attractive idea; but just how much time and money will need to be committed to be self-published and distributed.  The self- publishing in traditional publishing involves even more agony for the author as in reality it means the author has to find and commit substantial and sufficient capital to be self-published and distributed.

Publishing cost

Many new authors have no idea of the cost involved in the whole process

Many new authors have no idea of the cost involved or time involved in the whole process, or which small self-publishing company to choose and how to choose it.  In this situation, the new author is taking on a new role and becoming a publisher. To be honest, this is not a bad idea.  The author can now understand that the traditional publishing house has its own anguish to go through.  Now, the author can learn and understand more about what is involved in the actual process of publishing just one book.  The author will also learn the real financial risk involved in publishing.   Should the book not sell well, any resultant loss that hits the authors pocket will be his/her personal responsibility.  All of the above will add more agony to the existing ones.

The real benefit of digital self-publishing can be explained more easily now. Digital-self- publishing has no editorial committee with marketing gurus who will make the decision to publish or not to publish the new author’s book. The decision will be made by the author himself and the agony of not knowing the outcome is thereby totally eliminated.

The editing of the new author’s book can be made by the author or a hired editor.  The cost of self-editing is zero dollars.  If the author hires a professional editor the cost is much less than the average salary for one working week and is therefore affordable.

The cost of converting the new author’s book into a secure PDF file is very low. The cost of creating an attractive cover for a digital book is very low. The cost of creating a simple website in order to sell the new digital book online is very low, including the costs of hosting, running and maintaining the website.

The foregoing takes us straight into the great conclusion that any new author can self-publish his/her digital book and start selling it online.  It is very affordable to many and it does not contain any great anguish.

Digital book

New author can self-publish his/her digital book and start selling it online.

In fact, it is quite the opposite; it is exciting and rewarding from the aspect of financial benefit to the author.

There is, of course, a catch in digital self-publishing just as in any business venture that people choose to be involved in.  At the end of the day it is a business.  First, it is a time consuming exercise to develop, run and to maintain a new website. It is a time consuming exercise to work out key words, meta-tags, and site and page descriptions that will directly affect the traffic to the author’s website. It is a time consuming exercise to learn how the Internet operates; what settings are better for your site, account and email addresses; what tools are available and which one is better for one’s website; how to market, promote and brand your name of the digital book or website; how to communicate with your potential customers from a commercial angle; how to run your taxes and other required financial documents, plus many other aspects of business operations, online.

Digital self-publishing of your own book is one of the most beneficial ways for it to be published and it will give the author a 100% control of selling his/her digital book online.  In this case you don’t have to worry about a publisher because you are now the publisher in your own right. You can also just produce your own digital book and simply submit it for sale to many big and small outlets on the Internet then sit back and watch the outcome.

Should you not have time or expertise to run your own small self-publishing business online, your next choice will be a small digital self-publisher provider or a big digital publisher; the good thing is there are very many of them from which to choose.  That is good news for all new authors because it gives them the opportunity to shop around.

Some companies will accept any digital book to sell whilst others will have some particular criteria and requirements in place that must be met before accepting a book for sale. It will be totally up to you to decide with which company you feel more comfortable and protected.  That is exactly where the question of your personal sensitivity about yourself as an author, and about your book, will arise again.  Will they present your book as you would believe it should be presented? Will they place your book in the correct category?  Will they give you the correct percentage from sales?  The list of your questions will mount up and the mental agony will be back.  Why?

The reason is simple: as the author, you need an individual relationship with the publisher of your book, even if it is digital book.  You will feel much more comfortable signing your contract with a publisher face to face and being able to have individual meetings, at least by telephone, to discuss all the ins and outs.  You will feel much more comfortable if, when you want to know progress or discuss what is this or that, you can just call your publisher and know that even if he/she is not in the position to talk to your straight away, he/she will return your call.  This relationship requires an attitude that is above a normal business relationship.  This is more a friendship style relationship based on a mutual benefit to both parties.

That is why our own digital publishing company ‘Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd’ bought a professionally designed website to provide new authors with digital self-publishing in the non-fiction category.  We structured our business on an individual approach and exclusive publishing.  Many people crave for the ‘good old days’ where you could talk to your service provider as you would to your friend. The benefits of being published with us are quite substantial and you can asses our service for yourself right now.

Publishing expenses

When you publish with us we will take all publishing associated expenses off your shoulders.

When you publish with us we will take all publishing associated expenses off your shoulders.  We will convert your manuscript into a digital book. We will create an attractive cover for your book at our expense.  If your book needs to be edited, we will professionally edit it for you.  We will create a special page for presentation of your book and you as the author.  We will add your book to our product page, for sale through Pay Pal.  We will pay you your agreed sales percentage every quarter.  We will sign a contract with you, face to face, and we will certainly return your calls should you need us.  The above listed benefits are not all of our benefits.  Our biggest and most important benefit for you is that we will not publish any other digital book on our website if it is in competition with your digital book.  Every digital book on our website will have its own exclusivity which is very difficult to find anywhere else; but you are welcome to try.


Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd is publisher and not a self-publishing provider.

Read more on our website Hot Digital Books.

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Written by Elena Ornig

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