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College Advertising.

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Advertising is one way of promoting the product, paid by the sponsor, in a non-personal communication platform targeting segmented audience. It is used by business firms, museums, government, schools and various organizations to present their message to their target market and get response measured by market share and profitability.

Top spenders include Proctor and Gamble, Sears and Coke. Proctor and Gamble is catering global market. With its wide range of product line, assume the cost of advertising they spend annually to promote individual products, but with increasing market share, its advertising strategy is indispensable. Coke continues to perform its advertising programs even if they gained global branding, and they are highly competent among its competitors. Coke aims to remind the public of its existence and constant consumption to generate more sales. Schools and organizations use college advertising to bring about their causes and integrity to target students, parents and employers.

The main purpose of college advertising is profitability. However, it is too broad and difficult to measure. Getting the ultimate goal requires major decisions to be considered. Therefore, you must consider Step-by-step process of Developing Advertising.


From the above examples, you have learned why companies implement advertising strategies to promote their products. The objectives of advertising should be defined for measurable results. It is designed according to different stages of product life cycles and scale of effects.

Advertising can be informative, which aims to promote awareness to its target market about a new product or features.

Advertising can be persuasive, which aims to influence its target market to appreciate, prefer, try and buy the advertised product. (Chivas Regal persuades the public that its brand offers more taste and honor other than any brands of Scotch whisky.
Advertising can remind its current users or customers to purchase or consume their products again and again. (Clearasil Facial Wash on magazine and Internet ad remind users to purchase the said product for their beautification and cleanliness)
Advertising aims to convince those who purchased the products that they have made the right choice. (Bank advertisements intend to show that account holders are happy and secured in choosing them as partners for their financial needs and investments).

" Measurable results"

The objectives of advertising should be defined for measurable results.


One of the major considerations in advertising is how much will be the funds allocated. Most companies failed in getting their corporate objectives because of this issue. They spend millions and billions, but the rate of customers’ response and value is just enough to cover their advertising cost or the sales are just too small. It is indispensable to consider the product life cycle. Products beginning to build its brand needs high budget for advertising. Those brands, which establish high-market share, should reduce their advertising to take advantage of high yield and investment return. Companies with products needed to drop should also reduce their advertising in a market, where competition is tough, and competitors use expensive advertising. It is necessary to advertise more powerful to be noticed and differentiate your positioning among competitors.


There are several methods on generating a message depending on the objectives of a company. There are advertisements that focus on benefit, incorporating flavored words that give character to the benefit. Some may use content and earnest as a message, and if the client feels unsatisfied, then he would have the option of getting a refund or another item or product. (Establishments offering pizza with free, fast delivery promises to provide another box of pizza if a customer was not able to get his order on time)

Whatever method of generating advertising message to be used must be made with creativity and effectively bringing out the objectives of the company, which could be to gain market awareness, persuade, remind and convince that customers did the right purchase decision. The message must be unique and believable. It is necessary to conduct an analysis to determine which words have the positive impact to target market. The message is the building block of positioning, which is very prominent in building and establishing a good or highly competitive brand. Advertisements should be in appropriate for the target market. It should have an impact, whether rational or emotional appeal, to achieve the optimal response of the audience.

" Message"

The message must be unique and believable.


Advertising has a characteristic of being persuasive and public in nature. It is where companies introduce their product and public in nature. It is where companies introduce their product or additional features, penetrates the market and generates sales.

Target Audience Media Platforms:  (Insurance companies mostly advertise their products and services on print ads as its target market, usually Class A – C who are working ages 18-60 years old, rely on contents from newspaper, magazines, and brochures).

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