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Advertising in its core is effective communication.

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Press Release Structure

Elena Ornig is answering your questions about Press Release structure. Timing: Press release can be “for immediate release”, or “release on a specific date”. ...
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Answers on Murdoch’s argument

Answers From presents an opinion of Anya Tretyakova The simple fact is that television is too pervasive a medium to be unregulated. In August...
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Answers About Marketing

The message must be unique and creates impact as this can establish a good or bad appeal to the audience.
Marketing Plan

How to develop marketing strategy?

Areas of analyzing market situation for marketing plan rely on action and control to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategy.
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Platforms of Advertising

Advantages and limitations of major advertising platforms. Strategy for marketing website. Tips and implementations.

How to start a marketing campaign

Creating and delivering marketing campaign based on strategy. Focusing on customers and products analysis. Factoring branding as part of marketing strategy.
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Marketing is a process

Answers and guide to marketing plan. Planning strategy in nine steps. Actual process of the marketing.