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Authors are writers of the books, articles and even documents.

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How to write a great story?

This Story is Great? Answers from Elena Ornig When readers are able to relate to the characters, their actions and reactions, the scene and...
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Have more questions?

 Answers from Elena Ornig My present beliefs are based on my personal knowledge, understanding and acceptance of everything that I thought  and wrote before;...
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Humble Australian Artist-Jhana Bowen

“I am humbled and honored to share my art with the world”- J.Bowen; Australian Artist and facilitator. Answers from Elena Ornig Seeing and sensing...

How to write your unique article?

Why would you decide to write your own unique article?  Answers from Elena Ornig Answering your questions. Many authors began their careers as the...

Main religions around the world

Fascinating answers about main religions around the World. Answers from Elena Ornig We constructed the information in such way that in „one go” you will...

Initial introduction to a publisher

To appeal to the publisher be simple but promising. Publishing companies usually have their own requirements on what they initially want to know. The...
Digital publishing

Digital self-publishing

In digital publishing, the actual capital that has to be risked is considerably smaller thereby benefiting many small companies who wish to become publishers....
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How to become a good writer?

Become good writer and author think simplicity. Good writer delivers quality and not quantity. Writing is a process of learning.