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Creating characters means creating fictional people, including their physical appearance, thinking process, feelings and behaviour.


From 2010 – Memorable Events

Elena Ornig about Olga Lutsenko exhibition at Graydon Gallery (Brisbane) in 2010. Olga Lutsenko is benevolent in her life and her art You can feel...
Fiction And Non-fiction Writing

Non-fiction Writing

Glimpse into the process of writing non-fiction. Answers from Elena Ornig Autobiographies, fictionalized autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, travel books, technical books, scientific books, diaries, text books, essays...
Ahy Character

Think before you write

“The task of a writer consists of being able to make something out of an idea.” – Thomas Mann. Answers from Elena Ornig For...
Hesitation to write a book

To write or not to write?

Eagerness to write and a hesitation to start. Answers from Elena Ornig I have met many new writers who agonized over their eagerness to write and...
Publishing cost


Answers about the real benefit of digital self-publishing.  Answers from Elena Ornig Authors are very sensitive people and for them to choose the right...
Question mark

A play of two characters

Answers from Anya Tretyakova Water Falling Down is a play of two characters, “Dad” and “Son”, who we observe on their final journey together. ...
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How to write a great story?

This Story is Great? Answers from Elena Ornig When readers are able to relate to the characters, their actions and reactions, the scene and...

Writing a book

Create ideas for writing a book with good content and introduce it to readers.