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" Looking "

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Answers from Elena Ornig What about you? Still looking? I was never a skinny kid, rather quite the opposite. During my life time I...
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 Answers from Elena Ornig My present beliefs are based on my personal knowledge, understanding and acceptance of everything that I thought  and wrote before;...
Painting by Jhana Bowen.

Humble Australian Artist-Jhana Bowen

“I am humbled and honored to share my art with the world”- J.Bowen; Australian Artist and facilitator. Answers from Elena Ornig Seeing and sensing...
Arial performance by Justice Draconice

What and When?

Answers from Justice Draconis in anticipated following interview. Answers from Elena Ornig I am finally ready to reveal the interview answers from Justice Draconis;...
Girls from from the bar.

It is all about the people!

The Loft! The People and the Atmosphere! Answers from Elena Ornig Tall, big and kind, Grant was happy to greet everyone at the door....