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According to Macmillan Dictionary, publishing is “the business of producing books, magazines, software etc.”

Hesitation to write a book

To write or not to write?

Eagerness to write and a hesitation to start. Answers from Elena Ornig I have met many new writers who agonized over their eagerness to write and...
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Who can become a digital publisher?

If the answer is yes – than welcome aboard and good luck! Answers from Elena Ornig Before answering this question let’s take a look...
Publishing cost


Answers about the real benefit of digital self-publishing.  Answers from Elena Ornig Authors are very sensitive people and for them to choose the right...
People with questions

Answers on Murdoch’s argument

Answers From presents an opinion of Anya Tretyakova The simple fact is that television is too pervasive a medium to be unregulated. In August...
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Answers about Elena Ornig

Stanford Who’s Who welcomes Elena P. Ornig to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her phenomenal work in the Publishing Industry. ...
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Creating your own market as a writer

Answers to John Magnet Bell from Elena Ornig John: “Don’t you think that, thanks to the gigantic leap forward that e-publishing represents, more authors will...
"Selling Globaly"

Publishing and selling digital books

Answers from Elena Ornig What are the advantages of publishing and selling digital books? Digital books are books created using a computer, sold on...

Initial introduction to a publisher

To appeal to the publisher be simple but promising. Publishing companies usually have their own requirements on what they initially want to know. The...
Digital publishing

Digital self-publishing

In digital publishing, the actual capital that has to be risked is considerably smaller thereby benefiting many small companies who wish to become publishers....

Writing a book

Create ideas for writing a book with good content and introduce it to readers.