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Research is a process of study or investigation of a specific object or subject.

Big Data Solutions

Mario Bojilov Takes On Big Data

Mario Bojilov does take on Big Data and why not? In 2004, Mario Bojilov founded Meta Business Systems focusing on performance monitoring, business intelligence...
Electronic Devices

Laptops & Tablets Demystified

Informative, interactive and a socially pleasant event. Answers from Elena Ornig Only three years have passed by, since tablet computers became a globally known...

The First Brisbane Writers Group Convention

The first Brisbane Writers Group Convention generated considerable interest and was successfully executed by the enthusiastic Convention Coordinator Gillian Lloyd (NightWriters Writing Group). On...

Latin literature, Titus Maccius Plautus

Plautus’s success in play-writing. Written by Anya Tretyakova – contributor to Answers From. With no less than twenty extant plays attributed to the Roman playwright,...
Clever Question

Feeling smarter yet?

I asked my friend: “When I feel stupid what could I do?” Answers from Elena Ornig Her answer was loud and clear! WHEN YOU...