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Word is referred to a globe, planet or earth and sometimes to a distinct region.

Social Media Day on the Gold Coast

The Social Media Day #SMDAYGC

In 2010, Mashable recognised the digital social revolution and the Social Media Day was launched. Since then, the event has grown across international borders,...
Big Data Solutions

Mario Bojilov Takes On Big Data

Mario Bojilov does take on Big Data and why not? In 2004, Mario Bojilov founded Meta Business Systems focusing on performance monitoring, business intelligence...
man with expression

What is your type?

What type of the character you are? Question from Elena Ornig We are all love to receive feedback and comments on our blogs and the websites. I...
Reporting from Gold Coast Show 2013

Gold Coast Show 2013

        The purpose-built Parklands grounds have been hosting the Gold Coast Show since 1989. Next year, it will be held at...

No wonder, I want to be a geek!

It is all about perception in our world, isn’t it? Answers from Elena Ornig Historically, the word geek went through a big transformation from...