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According to Cambridge Dictionary, a writer is a ​person who writes ​books or ​articles to be ​published.

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What is your type?

What type of the character you are? Question from Elena Ornig We are all love to receive feedback and comments on our blogs and the websites. I...

The First Brisbane Writers Group Convention

The first Brisbane Writers Group Convention generated considerable interest and was successfully executed by the enthusiastic Convention Coordinator Gillian Lloyd (NightWriters Writing Group). On...
Sci Fiction Genre

The Science Fiction Genre in Films

From Anya Tretyakova – contributor to Answers From Barry Langford describes the Science Fiction (SF) genre as “hyper-modern almost by definition” (182); whether through...
Writing plays

Two Controversial French Writers

Answers from Anya Tretyakova Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) & Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais Molière and Beaumarchais fell prey to much controversy, criticism and condemnation during their...

Australian Copyrights Protection

Answers from a Publisher Answers from Elena Ornig The real number of the authors in Australia can be only estimated approximately. So far, the...
Why Every Man Should Update His Wife

Warning – for men only!

Why Every Man Should Update His Wife? Exploring men’s sexuality in graphic detail, this controversial book delves into motivation, purpose and futility of persisting...