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According to Cambridge Dictionary, a writer is a ​person who writes ​books or ​articles to be ​published.

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How to write a great story?

This Story is Great? Answers from Elena Ornig When readers are able to relate to the characters, their actions and reactions, the scene and...
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Have more questions?

 Answers from Elena Ornig My present beliefs are based on my personal knowledge, understanding and acceptance of everything that I thought  and wrote before;...

How to write your unique article?

Why would you decide to write your own unique article?  Answers from Elena Ornig Answering your questions. Many authors began their careers as the...
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Platforms of Advertising

Advantages and limitations of major advertising platforms. Strategy for marketing website. Tips and implementations.
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What is a particular writing?

Particular writing is best for “the other way around” principle: writing a book first and then finding the market or identifying the specific market...
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The answers about elevator speech

So far I have concluded there is no connection between “elevated speech” and “elevator speech". The “elevator speech” clearly has a strong connection to...

Writing a book

Create ideas for writing a book with good content and introduce it to readers.
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How to become a good writer?

Become good writer and author think simplicity. Good writer delivers quality and not quantity. Writing is a process of learning.