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Writing a book is a creative process and creativity has very individual characteristics.Writing and researching are time consuming activities that demand considerable concentration. Writing for a blog means writing for your visitors or random browsers on the Internet. You write to share your publications with a specific category of visitors or everyone who cares to read.Writing and placing a business message.

"Market segment"

What is a particular writing?

Particular writing is best for “the other way around” principle: writing a book first and then finding the market or identifying the specific market...

Initial introduction to a publisher

To appeal to the publisher be simple but promising. Publishing companies usually have their own requirements on what they initially want to know. The...
"Finding answers"

The answers about elevator speech

So far I have concluded there is no connection between “elevated speech” and “elevator speech". The “elevator speech” clearly has a strong connection to...

Writing a book

Create ideas for writing a book with good content and introduce it to readers.
" Picture of puzzles".

Marketing is a process

Answers and guide to marketing plan. Planning strategy in nine steps. Actual process of the marketing.
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How to become a good writer?

Become good writer and author think simplicity. Good writer delivers quality and not quantity. Writing is a process of learning.