The Answers About the Sunshine Coast, Australia

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The Secrets on The Lake Baroon

There was no way that I could just go anywhere from there.

Answers from Elena Ornig


Right in front of us was a huge open floating deck surrounded by the magnificent panorama of Lake Baroon.

The deck incorporates the Secrets Café and Bar on the left, just two steps further is the entrance into the art gallery, but before you enter into the world of art you can make a wish in front of the “Tree of Dreams”. Walk to the right across the deck which has many tables, chairs and countless antique pieces and you enter a secluded gazebo with a round table and another glorious view of the lake. Turn back to the reception area, pass by an antique buggy that was restored by the owner George, and no, there was no way that I could just go anywhere from there.

The Secluded Gazebo

Secluded gazebo with million dollar view

I ordered a cup of coffee and sat on the deck to enjoy the view and feelings of total tranquility. It is a breathtaking experience; I felt like I was floating between the lake and the sky, and amazingly, I realized that I wanted to stay here forever and ever…Lilia ordered tea and Alena was running around trying to photograph every piece of this Paradise…”Impossible, absolutely impossible”, I thought to myself and said to Lilia, “No photograph or a video can possibly deliver the reality of how you feel here.”  I was almost crying from the overwhelming feeling of sliding into the total happiness of being alive…

Antique Items

George, the owner, appeared in front of us with a lovely bucket of white roses and we gracefully accepted one each as he asked us if we liked it there. I think, at that moment, when three women started to praise him and his creation “SECRETS ON THE LAKE”, George became overwhelmed too.  We were all over him, chirping like a flock of birds.

The Platypus Cabin on the Lake Baroon.

The swing seat on the secluded deck of the Platypus cabin.

He offered a little excursion around with a perfect opportunity to see inside of one of the three penthouses – the “Platypus” private cabin.

Oh, George Johnston, he is an utterly amazing man!  He is amicable, mellow, sweet, genteel, humble, mysterious and as sublime as the place itself. “George, if I wasn’t married I would marry you”, I said. With a shy smile George told me that he is happily married to his lovely wife Aldy, and together they have wonderful kids and their beautiful place. Anyway, walking with George and listening to the history of his life, dedicated to preserve this natural beauty of nature whilst managing to construct the luxurious and fully self-contained tree houses, was the highlight of our day.


Tree-houses at The Secrets on The Lake Baroon

Soak in the spa of the Platypus cabin & view the Lake Baroon

Everything here is a handmade or hand carved work of art, and a comfy indulgent manifestation of privacy and uniqueness. Honestly, I cannot find more words to describe this place to make my message to you, my readers, more loud and clear: “It is the place to experience a happiness of life, a pure nature, a romance or love. It is a magical place you will never forget and will forever want to come back to.”

We didn’t want to leave but we had to. However, when I returned home all I could think of was when I will go back to the “SECRETS ON THE LAKE” with my husband. All I can think of is how long I have to wait before I can wake up in the morning, floating between the lake and the sky on the balcony swings with my love, eat the freshly baked croissants; drink a complimentary champagne and lose myself in the stunning view; lose myself in that fairy-tale world for ever with my love.

The Secrets Garden of The Secrets On The Lake Baroon

The Secrets Garden is nestled beneath the Platypus cabin & it is a perfect place for the Wedding Ceremony or special occasion..

 The Secrets Garden is a spectacular venue for your Wedding Ceremony.

We placed the white roses in a plastic bottle and drove down a short distance to the car park of the Great Walks of Queensland. Surely we would not survive all 56 km of the full bush-walking track but we managed a couple of kilometers, took some photographs, and experienced the pure nature of the rain-forest. It was getting late, and though the soft glimpses of twilight were alluring, we knew that sunset was only a couple of hours away. We needed to drive to our Motel at Mooloolaba and it is safer to get off the road before dark. Comfortably, the road from Montville towards Maroochydore and Mooloolaba was easy and not busy.

Great Walks of Queensland

We managed a couple of kilometers and experienced the pure nature of the rain-forest of the Great Walks of Queensland.


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Written by Elena Ornig

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