The Gold Coast

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Gold Coast at hight

Nerang river on the Gold Coast at night.

Answers from Elena Ornig about the Gold Coast in Australia.

Every photo in this post was taken from Gold Coast Info. Please visit and enjoy the countless and  most beautiful photos.

The Gold Coast is well known around the world as a holiday destination. It sits comfortably in South East Queensland (QLD), the second-largest state of Australia or ‘Downunder’. Our state is certainly pretty big – just look at the map. 1.72 million Square kilometers!

Gold Coast beaches

Gold Coast Beach – looking from Miami to Surfers Paradise

The largest ocean in the world, the Pacific Ocean, forms our coastline and it’s warm all year round. We are certainly very lucky to experience mostly warm or hot weather. People love to live in ‘The Sunshine State’, and their desire is what has made Queensland the fastest growing state in Australia.

Our capital is Brisbane, centred on the Brisbane River, named after Sir Thomas Brisbane – a former governor of New South Wales. The city is quite hilly and very pretty. The CBD is only 2.2 square kilometers. Small enough for you to just walk around and enjoy it.

The state of Queensland was named after Queen Victoria, and because we are a former British colony, many of the streets are named after royal family members. Brisbane has a few freeways and one of them is the Pacific Motorway. If you follow this route to the south, for about 80 kilometers, you will discover – let me brag just a little – the absolute best place for living and holidaying – the GOLD COAST.

Photo of Cavil Avenue

Cavill Mall with Circle on Cavill in the background and Elvis preparing for a show in the foreground!

With 55 kilometers of white sandy beaches there are also nine times more waterways to navigate, than in Venice – both natural and man-made. How about that! The overall area of the Gold Coast is 1,400 square kilometers, with a natural area of 25,000 hectares. The Gold Coast city itself is only 50 years old – which, for a city, is quite young indeed.

Water fall, Gold Coast

Purlingbrook Falls has a range of walking tracks which also lead down to the gorge below.

The Gold Coast is one of the greenest cities in Australia, with 13,000 species of animals and 1,750 species of plants living and growing amongst us. We have 2,245 parks within our residential and commercial developments that are expanding in every direction. We are growing. The city itself is not the only thing that is young, our population is young too. Our median age is only 40 years, and most of us work inside the boundaries of Gold Coast City.

We are also famous for volunteer work, particularly during many major events. We are mostly employed in the Retail Trade, Construction, Accommodation & Food Services, Health Care & Social Assistance, Manufacturing, and Education & Training industries. Around 133,000 of us drive our own, or family-owned cars, which makes us very mobile. More than 100,000 households are connected to the internet – making us well informed.

Approximately 30,000 of us migrated from other countries. Though many of us were born here, our parents and grandparents migrated from all over the World. Their native cultures, traditions and customs have gradually integrated and created the Australian culture as we know it now. We are truly a multicultural society.

How do we live? Mostly outdoors – thanks to the pleasant subtropical climate. We love our outside diners situated next to swimming pools, spas and canals. We love going out to restaurants and cafes to taste cuisine from all over the world. We drink the cleanest water from the taps, enjoy the best seafood, the freshest fruit and vegetables, and we sip the best wine from Australian and international producers. We are a very smiley and friendly bunch of Gold-Coasters, and we love to share our luck with our guests and visitors.

Come and enjoy our famous ‘laid back’ and easy lifestyle. We will welcome you with some of the best sport events and entertainment all year around. Take into consideration the good news – we also have two airports, which make it so easy for you to reach your destination. If you are a food lover, we have got more than 500 restaurants to choose from.

Photo of Surfers Paradise


If you love golf, there are 40 golf courses just waiting for you. Don’t you worry – we have high class infrastructure and world class accommodation to suit any taste and financial capacity. Resorts, hotels, holiday houses, caravan and camping sites, bed and breakfast’s, farm stays, motels, holiday apartments, backpacker’s accommodations, retreats, cabins and cottages. Whatever you like! We have it all.

If you are a true lover of nature – the Gold Coast is the place to be and explore. We have forests of Antarctic beech trees and wooded hills, as well as the World Heritage listed ‘Lamington National Park’ with the largest reserve of pristine sub-tropical rain-forest.

Our spectacular Mount Tambourine is a true geological phenomenon with rich volcanic soils, breathtaking scenery and waterfalls. It is full of lorikeets, scrub turkeys, wallabies, owls, lyrebirds and platypus – and that’s just for starters. In the afternoon, you can relax in one of the many wineries, restaurants or cafes, or go straight to the unique art and craft galleries – you will be amazed!

If you want to see for yourself where native Kangaroo Paw plants are grown for export, go and explore Numinbah Valley by horseback. If peaceful walking trails are more your thing – take a walk amongst the clouds, or through the Natural Arch to see the glow worm cave in Springbrook National Park. It is truly a beautiful place, with a reputation of some of the most fantastic waterfalls, and a number of short and long walking trails.

For evening and night time entertainment, we are certainly prepared as well. We love it, and there is so much to choose from. Boy, oh boy! It’s party time forever once you get here. Take your time to look around. Fulfill your own desires and imagination. You will need to stay here for as many days as possible to be able to experience our wonderful lifestyle. It is better if you are able to spend two, three or even four weeks here because you will find so much to see and do. The Gold Coast is great for everyone – from a single explorer to a couple, a group of friends or a whole family.

Theme Park - WetnWild

Photo of just one of the impressive water slides at WetnWild on the Gold Coast.

We are also a city of theme parks, and each of them has a full day program for your entertainment. Just minutes away from each other, we have Warner Brothers Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild Water World, Dreamworld and Whitewater World. If I tried to describe everything they offer I would have to write a whole book about it.

Since 1947, known originally as Currumbin Bird Sanctuary and renamed in 1995 to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, nestled within 27 hectares of lush green rain-forest we have our famous wildlife park, just 20 minutes from the CBD. Would you like to meet face-to-face with over 1,400 individual animals and birds? Are you excited to cuddle a cute and fluffy koala? Then go for it, start planning your trip. You will be pleasantly surprised at the world’s largest collection of Australian animals and birds in one place.

Have you heard about Tropical Fruit World? An interesting tourist attraction, featuring a huge variety of some of the world’s most yummy and exotic, fruit. Well, it is just next door to our city. We locals, take our guests to this amazing place, to thrill their taste-buds. You can spend most of your day there and have a lot of fun going around exploring the vast plantation safaris, or take a jungle boat cruise or mini train rides. You will also be able to learn the names of many exotic fruits and try them during the fruit tasting show.
If you are looking for the best place in the world to enjoy your holiday, you must come to the Gold Coast.

From every angle, it is the most attractive place to be. Start planning your trip ‘Downunder’.

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

Surfers Paradise – place to be at night!

You are welcome to surf with us, have a cup of coffee with us, dance in nightclubs together, share our best parks, fishing and hiking with us, and experience our sporting events. We love to play sport all year round and the variety and number of events we have on the Gold Coast is just staggering. Our sport calendar is constantly growing and evolving. We have golf, tennis, surfing competitions, horse racing, car racing, bodybuilding, triathlons, cross-country bush-walking and regattas. Every two years we also host the Pan Pacific Masters Games, and many more events are coming every day.
You are welcome to ‘The Sunshine State’, with the cleanest water and air in the whole world. You are welcome to sip with us the best Australian wine and explore our amazing wildlife. Please, share with us our unique way of living. You are welcome, regardless of your race, gender or age. You are our guest, and we will do our best to please you. Welcome to the Gold Coast!

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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