The Secrets Are All Around You

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Visit and explore the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Answers from Elena Ornig

The answers about the Sunshine Coast that are formed from my personal experience.

This is the beginning of the long story…

What can be better than to take a couple of days, jump in the car with couple of friends and explore your own regional area along the coast and into the hinterland? Particularly if you, like me, live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth where nature’s pristine playground is all around you in the Australian State of Queensland. You can just take a map, close your eyes, place your finger where you wish and choose a weekend destination at random. My friends and I did just that and discovered some of the countless places to visit and explore along the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast

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We booked a little motel for one night in Mooloolaba, put a full esky with lunch in my car and off we went towards Lake Baroon, so-called by locals, that is not a natural lake but a dam created on Obi Obi Creek in the late nineties. Our initial plan was to drive through Maleny town, take a walk through the ancient rain-forest of Obi Obi Gorge and then have lunch at the lake.

“Wow! Look over there…it’s beautiful.” “Oh, what about this valley? How gorgeous!” “This is breathtaking…look, it’s a rainbow over the field.” My friends, Alena and Lilia were full of praises and exclamations about the picturesque scenery, whereas I was concentrating on safely driving via the winding up and down t roads towards Montville. However, I wasn’t complaining because as soon as I would see something I liked I would stop and explore.

My first stop – the uniquely designed wine barrel/wine cellar house that is eight meters tall – was built for the family owned Maleny Mountain Winery. It’s on the left of the Landsborough-Maleny Road, opposite the tourists and visitors Information Centre and overlooking the Glass House Mountains (such an unusual name was given by Capitan James Cook).

Maleny Mountain Winery

It is a great place to stop and take a few minutes break. You can take memorable photos, taste some wine and pick up some maps and brochures for extra information about the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The further we drove towards Lake Baroon, the more splendid scenery we encountered. We made a decision to comeback to see the little towns like Montville and Maleny next day on the way back to the Gold Coast.

Lookout Behind the Lake Baroon

Lookout behind the Lake Baroon

Left turn in to Western Avenue and down to Lake Baroon was easy to find and driving down along the lush green tunnel created by the remnant relic forest felt like a blessing from Mother Nature. The view of the lake was magnificent.  A little bush-walk to a cosy lookout behind the lake resulted in one of the funniest photos ever taken of me.

Creepy but Funny Photo

Funny and spooky photo of me…

The girls couldn’t stop laughing and said they didn’t feel hungry anymore; rather they were excited and curious about the “SECRETS ON THE LAKE” romantic escape that they saw on the Internet and would love to check it out instead of lunch.

“Sure, your wishes are my command. I am only the driver”, I said as we drove towards the tree houses that were floating in the rain-forest canopy along one side of the lake. It felt like we had entered a forgotten dream world or some fairy- tale world; or the supernatural world; or simply a majestic world of the elevated carved walkways, disguised among the sub-tropical rain-forest.

Walkways in the Canopy of Rainforest

Secrets to discover behind the private walkways…

This place was peaceful and contented; full of mystery. Through the hand carved main door, that itself is a piece of art, we walked into the reception area and literally forgot that we came here just to look and ask a few questions.

The Secrets on the Lake Baroon

The entry to the reception area





Right in front of us was a huge open floating deck surrounded by the magnificent panorama of Lake Baroon.

Huge Deck over the Lake Baroon

Huge open floating deck surrounded by the magnificent panorama of Lake Baroon.


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Written by Elena Ornig

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