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 That is how I see intuition – a very special sharpener of my thoughts

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Travelling and exploring new places has many great benefits in terms of life experience. It works wonders on your perception of life and on your understanding of your inner self. It enables you to experience the sweet feeling of freedom and learn new things. Any trip can be an eye-opener.

You can be a whole television crew in one. You can create your own reality-television serial, with you as the main star, regardless of your acting talent or appearance. The excitement of not knowing how it will turn out; a great drama, hilarious comedy, unforgettable romance or even a real horror story is alluring and tempting for all of us. Who doesn’t like travel?

As a traveller, you suddenly become windswept and interesting to others. Others would happily award your tales with ‘Oscars’ or ‘Golden Globes’, just don’t forget to exaggerate it a little and refine your stories. While your listeners will love you and share your experiences, the actual process of living through every minute of your journey is the biggest prize of all.

‘Oscars’ or ‘Golden Globes’

Any one for ‘Oscars’ or ‘Golden Globes’?

You will also be the true benefactor of your travel because at the end you will possess expertise in many different areas. From the first moments when you thought about finding somewhere to go, you will create a valuable opportunity to gain more than what any book; magazine or course could ever teach you. You won’t just be able to talk about it, you will be actually living through it, and you will be forever changed in your perception of the world. How exciting it is!

As soon as you start to think about some trip to some destination, you will become a dreamer and that is a benefit. From a dreamer, you will become an organizer and planner, also a benefit. You will learn everything about reservations, confirmations, itineraries, prices, filling out forms, etc. The communication, investigation, risk assessment, decision-making process, objectives, planning and financial assessment will make you act and think like a real manager, one more benefit for you. What? Where? When? How? Why? Just like in real business.

See how much you will learn just by experiencing one of life’s greatest pleasures – going on holiday. The best thing is, you won’t even notice the organisational skills you’re learning along the way, because it is not a job and there is nobody making demands. It’s your own free choices that you are following and that will feel like a pleasurable exercise. In this case, you are accountable only to yourself – you are the one in charge. You are the boss.

During your journey, you will not just be a major player, but the prime witness of everything that happens to you and to everything around you. You will be monitoring, studying and analyzing all the actions and reactions around you. Some things, you will just quickly store in your memory archives for later on. Others, you will become directly and deeply involved in, holding onto or examining immediately. The less you know about people and the places around you, the more you will try to rely on your own gut feelings and intuition.

What you should be aware of is that you cannot afford to ignore a sign from inside. You must always use the ability to reflect, think, recollect, analyse and reason as to why you feel something. There is no such thing as an ‘accidental’ hunch, premonition or suspicion. Or am I wrong?

Let’s analyse it together.

Intuition, as we commonly describe it, is an ability to sense or know without reasoning and it has to be easily explained or justified. Some call it the ‘right brain’ and some say: “What a lot of rubbish”. Well, I am a believer in intuition, so I will express my own opinion.

I believe that intuition is an extra sense as an alternative to logic. I believe intuition helps us to choose the right direction. I believe intuition is a voice between the conscious and subconscious mind; a voice that represents head, heart and gut at the same time.

Writing with Intuition

I personally visualize intuition as a tool, a sharpener. I imagine myself sitting and writing; sensing everything around me and processing it through my heart and head. As I write, my pencil gets blunter and thicker at the writing point, so also are my thoughts and senses and I am feeling disturbed. I can hardly read or understand what I wrote earlier; nothing makes sense anymore, bugger! I take a moment and use my sharpener. I am fixing my pencil, crossing out my writing above and starting to re-write from the beginning where I had lost my thoughts, direction and clear explanations. Guess what, I was enlightened by a very clear picture of what is now meaningful and what was not in my previous attempt. I am back in business! I know exactly where to go from here. That earlier moment of disturbance represented to me, a moment when something was not right. How did I fix it? I took a moment and went back to recollect, to rethink, to reanalyze and to reason. Through this process, whatever wasn’t clear became defined and justifiable. That is how I see intuition – a very special sharpener of my thoughts.

Anyway, there is a risk involved in everything you do, no matter how smart you are, how good you are or how careful you are. Despite all of the little things you need to be cautious about – travelling is no doubt one of the best ways to learn about yourself and others. Travelling is a challenge because you are going to new places where everything is unfamiliar and you can’t be fully at ease. Your mind must work harder than before, which is also a great exercise to build new neural connections and rejuvenate your brain physically by processing a lot more information than usual – another benefit. The communication with new people, concentrating on body language, listening more attentively, trying to read the names of the streets and actually remembering them. Even tasting new cuisine or unusual food will make you think twice and increase your interest in knowing ingredients and where they came from. When you travel, you become more aware of everything because you will be stimulating all of your senses including intuition. Have a nice trip!

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