What is the guide to Press Releases?

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Answers about Press Releases from Elena Ornig.


Answering your questions.

Though advertising has been proven effective in building the brand of a product or the company itself, the use of advertising to target mass audience has declined. Why? Aside from allocating an enormous amount of budget, some companies especially small businesses can’t afford the cost of media advertising. Another reason is that it might not be applicable to the changing customers’ behavior and market trends.

Many are not interested in TV commercials. Some are ignoring commercials or switching channels in between TV shows. In fact, most people today are unable to spend much time watching TV shows due to their busy lifestyle. They are busy with their computers, cellphones, business dealings and recreational activities. That is why, marketers are turning to press release to promote, support or protect the brand image of the company or its products.

A press release is a smart promotional marketing strategy to direct customers to the company. It is used to present news and information about the organization. It plays a decisive role in assisting the company in re-positioning its products that are in its mature phase. Do you know what have to be taken in consideration when we analyze Marketing?

Example: Pepsi had reached high sales with its offer at low price per unit. To protect its product from declining customers’ interest, they set up the Pepsi Challenge during summer. The company will be able to keep up brand awareness through the sports caravan as seen on media. It is all over the news from TV reports, newspapers, radio, Internet and social networking sites.

In considering press release as a promotional marketing strategy, marketers must understand when it is best to use and what are the key decisions needed to target the right audience, get media exposure and attain positive customers’ feedback.

Here’s how to place your press release and get leverage media exposure.


Set the Marketing Objectives.

Set the Marketing Objectives

Marketers or PR practitioners must set up a PR plan based on the marketing goals set for the company. Such objectives are identified as follows:

  • To build awareness and excitement for the announcement of new product offers
  • To build credibility through editorial content
  • To maintain favorable relationship with the loyal customers
  • To build and support relationship with existing buyers, especially those who are influential people, so that they can bring new customers to buy the product
  • To influence satisfied customers to refer the products to their family, friends and colleague

These customers will serve as the spokesperson for the product through their testimonials.

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Identify the Message and Communication Platform


Identify the Message and Communication Platform.

The PR manager or practitioner must make interesting news angles about the product or company. In a stream of news widely available for the public, particularly in the Internet, your news must be appealing and attractive to get the attention of media men, reviewers, customers and even competitors. When you promote your press release strategically, your news might make a buzz to these people. You might be surprised how your press release suddenly becomes great news that appear on media television, radio, newspaper, Google, yahoo news, and other search engines, and of course talked about by the general public.


Get the attention !


Press Release News Angles\New product or service launching

Blog or website launching

Product or website enhancement

Publication of new content

Upcoming event

Contest announcement

Promo or sale announcement

Joint venture or new strategic partnership

New team hire

Implementation of the Plan


Build personal and business relationship.

Treating media editors as the market or customers is indeed necessary. Giving them great stories along with considerable personal and business relationship will make them continue to use your PR news. Press release is marketed using different promotional tools, so its effectiveness is difficult to measure.

Major Tools in Marketing Press Release

  • Publications – reports, articles, company newsletters, magazines and newspapers
  • Events – news conference, seminars, trade shows, exhibits
  • Sponsorship – sponsoring events such as sport and cultural events
  • News – factual stories
  • Speeches – trade talks, sales meeting, press conference
  • Public Service Activities – money and effort contribution for good causes
  • Identity media – company logos, brochures, stationery

Measurement of Effectiveness

Three most common measures of PR effectiveness include exposure, awareness as well as change in buyer behavior, and profitability.

Exposure deals with all the media that carry news about the product and summary of media coverage including news and photographs published, copies of press release circulated, airtime minutes on TV and radio, estimated number of audience and cost rate. A survey must be done to measure the impact of press release to the audience. How many of them recall the news about the product? How many of them would refer the product to others? How many of them are influenced to switch brands or buy the product? Such questions are necessary to measure how the marketing PR creates product awareness, change buyer behavior and how the public comprehend. The most significant measure is the sales and profitability. To say that the PR is successful, there should be a high return on PR investment, sales increase due to PR and overall profitability.

It is noteworthy to understand and follow these major decisions to make your press release heat up the market as this may take your business to success. Press release can create a buzz for the product providing the benefit to multiply and eventually become great news not only for the company, but also for the media men and most especially, the costumers. Customers can enjoy the benefits of the product while the company can enjoy profitability.

Do you know how to develop Marketing Strategy before you will apply marketing tools?

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