What is your type?

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What type of the character you are?

Question from Elena Ornig

We are all love to receive feedback and comments on our blogs and the websites. I do, too and I decided to publish my suggestions to every commentator on the Internet. Please, take a note of my categorization of your characters and my personal attitude to your comments. The reason, I am presenting you my categories is simple, – I publish every comment, regardless if it is whining about my website or posts; criticizing my website or posts; or praising my website or posts.  However, I will take liberty, from now on, and I will use these three characters in my replays to your comments or feedback. It will look like this:

Hello, “Self-Appointed Critic”…

Hello, “Self-Declared Whiner”…

Hello, “Nice”…

In case of spammed feedback or comment – I will never publish these. So, please do not spam!

Please, take my suggestions in consideration by understanding my personal categorization and attitude.

Are you “Self -Appointed Critic”?

man with expression

“Self-Appointed Critic”

If you have nothing nice to say, then please keep your mouth shut.  I am not afraid of taking a hit but please spare me your ‘wisdom’, Mr or Mrs “Self-Appointed Critic”.  Did you forget that wisdom comes from reservation and humility?  Did you forget that “criticism” was originally a neutral verb?  I know that you have chosen the easiest path to satisfy your ego and it feels good.  Let me tell you what else I know, that path does not take too much intelligence and will never make you happy.  I feel sorry for you.  You have missed the point.  By criticizing anybody’s work, you are only looking at the little part of the whole picture and the whole picture is not complete – it is evolving and emerging.  It is in constant transformation.  I can only conclude from your one-sided disapproval and condemnation that you come from a little room, with a sign on the door Narrow Mindedness in Progress- Do not Enter.  Believe me; the World is bigger than your beloved ego. Open your mind for a start and think objectively and constructively.  Think of initiating and creating discussion, instead of going on a spree of demolition, tearing down and destruction. You are contributing only to making our world more irritating. So there!  No “thank you” for you at any given time.

Are you “Self-Declared Whiner”?

picture of face expression

“Self-Declared Whiner”

Listen carefully Mr or Mrs “Self-Declared Whiner”.  Congratulations! You have my attention after all.  What can I say? Honestly, stop playing the victim.  Stop talking about what you want but can’t have.   Stop spreading dissatisfaction and negativity around.  You have become the biggest contributor to making our world miserable.  Look at the reality.  Everything and everybody has two sides.  One is negative and one is positive.  That is a fact.  I know what you are doing.  You are simply indulging your ego and by complaining about everything to everybody, you are trying to make yourself appear better. Wrong choice!  You are not better – you are just miserable and I feel sorry for you.  Take this into consideration.  Stop making excuses for yourself and blaming everything and everybody around.  Stop writing your whining letters and go straight to a window, open it, and see how diverse and colourful our world is.  Be grateful that you are a part of it.  Just try it once – smile! It will make you feel much better than what you currently do.  And just to give you the benefit of the doubt, I thank you for taking a different direction in your life. Stop whining!

 Are you “Nice”?

laughing face expression

” Mr/Mrs/Ms NICE”

Dear Mr or Mrs “Nice”, I am so happy to know some of you.  Please continue to broadcast your positive attitude as often as you can.  We all need you!  We crave your compliments and appreciations.

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.

Website: http://www.elenaornig.com/