What it takes to make you look younger?

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They answering but do they really know what it takes to make you look younger?

Answers from Elena Ornig

Many women have a natural concern for how they look. Women read about new promising products for skin, discuss it tirelessly with their friends and sometime explore it in practical demonstrations with professional cosmetologists. I somehow never find time for such activities, and this is only because I am very suspicious of the super confident approach of the whole industry. Every day I hear it from multiple sources of media broadcast. The usual mantra can be pressed into one message, “We really know what it takes to make you look younger!”

Oh, really, every company? With all the different formulas they are discovering? With the big army of scientists who are creating the comprehensive products to help defy our natural ageing? Each of them shouting their confident claims, “We have the tools to help you look younger!”, “We can unlock your youthful potential!”, “It’s time to unlock the new you!” and on and on and on…

Well, I have to admit that recently, by naturally aging without using special treatments for a few decades I finally started to think about it more often.  A couple of weeks ago, on one of the Meet Up group’s meetings, I was introduced to Rachel Hunt. Her skin looked picture perfect- younger than it naturally should; glowing with signs of health in every direction, and yes, I felt a sudden all-over envy.

Next morning, I took her business card out and went to her website to look for some answers of who and what. Click, click, “Please contact me to learn more about how I can help you benefit from a closer relationship with Nu Skin Enterprises”.  Surely, I did not want to build any relationship with this company but I just wanted to talk with Rachel Hunt. However, the first clue of her perfect looking skin was definitely somewhere in my thoughts.

I called her via the number presented on screen: +61 400 577 362.  All I said was I wanted to know how did she manage to look so young? She said that for years she had been using Nu Skin products and she doesn’t want to convince me of anything but is willing to demonstrate it as a proof. Oh dear! Now I was less curious and more stressed to find time to meet with her, but something inside me was itching for final resolution. OK, once in a lifetime I should at least try something, plus the demonstration was apparently free of any charge and luckily she could come to my place, and that would desirably save my time.

She arrived on time, with a big bag of goodies and a charming smile. “Gosh, her skin look so freaking good” – I thought to myself, and immediately decided to pay attention to everything she would say and do. I took out and turned on my audio recorder.

“What we have got here is a galvanic spa and treatment gel with ageLoc technology Galvanic spa, by the way, has been around for about nine years and originated in Italy. You can go to a salon and have the same treatment, but usually it is a big machine, about the size of a microwave oven, and you will stay in the salon for about one hour or more. In salons, the actual treatment will cost you from anywhere between $80.00 to $250.00. What our company managed to do is to shrink the actual size down to a hand-held device that you can use at home, twice or three times a week, at your own convenience.

I use it twice weekly; I usually do it each Sunday morning and Wednesday morning. It is comfortable, portable and battery powered. The actual device is powered by positive and negative currents and has four attachments (applications) and different treatments for different parts of your body.

Picture of Rachel Hunt

Rachel Hunt

For example the first treatment is conducted with a negative charge and treatment gel which you spread all over your face. You will rub it all over your face with the galvanic spa device and all you will feel is just a soft sliding of the metal device. A lot of people think that they will get some kind of electric shock; but of course they will not.  The result of this deep cleansing treatment is a refreshed, soft, hydrated and very clean skin.  It is not for every age but it is noted that around 30ty our skin starts to age a lot more quickly, particularly here in Australia because of higher sun exposure.

Inside your body your have internal free- radical generators that shoot age related nodes out all the time. The company developed a particular ingredient called ‘AgeLoc’ that is able to stop those free radicals and block them from escaping. What this basically means is it works like an effective anti-aging treatment.

One of the attachments is used for ‘deep lines’ that are really deep wrinkles around your mouth, eyes or forehead. It is used with a different treatment gel every day for one or two minutes.

The next application is for fighting cellulite and improving skin firmness and smoothness on your legs, stomach or arms; it also breaks down your body fat.

The last attachment is for your skull, and with a specially formulated shampoo and hair fitness treatment it re-mineralises your scalp and hydrates the hair, restoring it’s fullness and shine.”

So, after such a knowledgeable explanation I was finally ready to try it on myself. I went to the mirror first to see how I looked before the treatment on my face as that was the only treatment I was personally interested in. Rachel proceeded with the demonstration, explaining every step. One phrase that she said stuck in my head, “Some people can see the effect straight away and some will only see how it’s coming up after a few treatments.”

I agree with such a statement, absolutely. Like everything in life it takes effort and time before the results will be apparent. So, this is not necessarily a short quick overnight solution and time has to be taken into consideration. The other thought to cross my mind was the easiness of using this galvanic spa device: its portability and multiple applications, and yes,its price didn’t escape my attention. The price is just right and makes a lot of practical sense for those women who are on a budget and who are time conscious. “So far so good”, I had concluded, while she was carefully treating my aging face.

What can I tell you about Rachel Hunt? Well, this is what I learned from her. She is originally from New Zealand and moved to the Gold Coast just over one year ago. She previously conducted her business with Nu Skin back in her home country as a part-time job in parallel with being a preschool teacher. She was juggling both jobs and then, when she and her husband moved here, she decided to do Nu Skin as a full time job. She understands how competitive the whole industry on the Gold Coast is but she feels confident that it is all about customers who will decide the actual outcome for her future. She is not afraid to go around and proceed with countless explanations, show and tell and practical demonstrations, like the one she conducted for me. She explained to me that the best advantage of this particular product (galvanic spa) that is very attractive to the potential users is the realisation that with this product, on average, they will pay just $10.00 per treatment instead of $80.00 to $250.00; especially now, when people are very careful about spending extra money on anything. The product she is working with is very hard to beat on uniqueness, high quality and the price outcome per treatment.

Let me just add what I concluded after close communication with Rachel Hunt and from what I saw in the mirror after her practical demonstration.

Rachel is well equipped with a comprehensive knowledge that she delivers quite successfully. It all makes sense; it flows and it sinks comfortably into your mind. Everything she said I clearly understood, and that is very important in order to process new information about an unfamiliar product. I was personally very impressed by how much I could remember after she left. Her practical demonstration was very efficient; no time was wasted, which is always very important for me. Her friendliness and civilized politeness was of the highest standard and she made me feel great about myself. I honestly will sing my praises about her to all my friends without hesitation. As for the actual treatment, it definitely worked. My skin was glowing; it was radiant and soft, and even my husband spotted the difference immediately which made me feel even better at the end.

So, what can I say to you? I have only one message. Take up a phone and call Rachel Hunt on 0400 577 362. Ask her to make an appointment for a demonstration. Invite her, ask her all the questions that will arise in your head, and listen. Let her talk and let her demonstrate. Make mental notes of what you personally need for yourself and then reason with yourself before making any conclusions.

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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