What rising star-Loustar is telling to the World?

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Telling to the World, “I’m on a mission to be possibly the best”. She calls herself Loustar (a.k.a. Lou Kacer).

Answers from Elena Ornig

That is why I feel like I am on a mission of my own to solve the mystery behind Loustar; can I guess it right and maybe even confirm who she is, really?  I knew I had to meet her and I did just that.

With her charming smile, shiny eyes, beautiful face and outgoing friendly personality; Loustar is passionate and a fast talker who makes communication easy and informal.

Loustar, Also Known As Lou Kacer, is a simply fascinating lady and definitely a rising star in the entertainment industry. She is the one who knows exactly what she wants and where she is planning to go; the one who composes her own electronic music, writes her own provocative lyrics, organizes her own tours and produces her own shows of up to 40 minutes on stage, and she is the one who controls everything in between with inexhaustible energy. She is the one who educated herself by attending seminars and researching meticulously through all aspects of mass media. She is constantly working, learning and evolving.

I felt thrilled to sit opposite her and next to her friend, Rachelle Scott, and not far from symbolic proof of her traveling, it being a bright-red old fashioned travel case with many destination stickers all around it. We drank coffee, talked and I listened to her playing and singing spontaneously:





back to the streets,

back to the basics

sooner or later

we all gonna face it…”

I had already realised that she just cannot sit next to her hardware ammunition (Roland Loop Station Boss Rc-50, Tc Helicon Vocal FX Unit, Korg Synths and MPC 1000) without creating a catchy show-beat. She changes immediately from being here, down to Earth, to flying somewhere beyond our reach, inside her soul and heart that is expressed through rhythm and words.

Suddenly she made a confession that for years she had been staring at the clairvoyant at the local market, but only a few months ago had she decided to try her. The only advice ‘the one who can read cards and palms’ gave to Loustar was, “Tell people exactly what you want them to hear”. This advice stuck in lady Kacer’s head and was evidenced during her already two shows in Japan. Loustar said, “this is exactly what I do. I am telling my audience what I honestly feel and think about world’s issues, relationship.” She took her beloved microphone and went on,





keeping up with the Jones

buy now pay later

just to gain your position

doesn’t matter

that the hole that you’re digging is deep

u got the limited edition

and these pills will help you sleep

buy more spend less

you got a fancy address

but you’re happy suppressed

what a crappy success…”

Somehow, even with provocative lyrics that are meant to give a strong message, her songs sound playful, sexy and theatrical. What I didn’t know at that time was that this is more likely achieved because Loustar uses different characters to express herself. There is a Lady Lou (fun, light, refined but cheeky); Lady Loustar (with attitude, tomboyish and outspoken) and Lady Cute (very sweet and vivacious). Generally however, Lady Lou is a singer that presents the old school and Loustar is a rapper that presents a new school. Overall, like two opposites of femininity and masculinity, Lady Lou and Loustar are trying to harmonically balance a whole show.

I do not want to jump ahead so I asked Loustar to tell me more about her life from the beginning.

“I was born in Sydney but raised on the Gold Coast. I went to school up here. However later, I went back to Sydney. I started with singing jazz after passing an audition. I was singing there in the bands and I was collecting my instruments for a long time; at that time I didn’t really know what for.

But recently, a couple of years ago it’s all started to come together. Now, I am a big manifesto, if I see what I want I will ask for it. For me it is important to know what I want in life and I’m seeking just that with persistence. I started to learn very intensively how to use my musical equipment. When I turn 30, at New Years Eve I knew exactly what I want and that was it. I went solo which I never did before and now I write my own music and lyrics, creating my own beats. I don’t using any computer programs. I do not do any pre-recording for shows. I am live loop DJ MC. I am not spinning records I am producing them myself by using loop sound station and that is giving me opportunity for free style improvisation on stage.

I do everything by using hard ware and I do that live. All of my songs are original. The only pre-mix I do are sound beats. I make them myself and put them in. I make sure the beats sound exactly how I like it and later, during life performance I just trigger the sound. I cannot precisely identify my genre, yet. I mix Hip Hop with Jazz and electronic sound. I physically make the sound of my own music on stage which is very technical and physically demanding because at the same time I do rhyming and singing by controlling microphone. I love it!

I feel liberated with no secrets to hide and I finally do not mind to be vulnerable. I trust myself and I believe in myself and I can make as much nose as I can, if you know what I mean. I mean what I sing. It comes from inside, from my heart.”

All I could think of and ask at that moment was :“Are you really aware of your gift?”

Loustar a.k.a Lou Kacer

Show Beat rising star-LoustarAll I could think of and ask at that moment was :“Are you really aware of your gift?”

“Yes, I now know it’s my gift. For years, when I was still singing with other bands people would come to me and call me angel voice and I started to realise that if so many people tell me that, I must have something; and then I started to feel it from inside. I felt that I was giving away something that others want. And now, I love what I’m doing for myself too. I love it. I love it. I love it.

All I want now is for people to see me and to hear me and I feel internal heeling of my soul during that process because something had unlocked inside me. I don’t just love what I do, I finally love myself. I am also blessed to have my friend Ra (Rachelle Scott). After five years of unconditional love to my former partner and painful break up I couldn’t imagine any relationship. But Ra is the one who was there as a true friend sharing everything with me. So much had happened but Ra is always here. She lives not far away and she’s always offering her never ending friendship”.

Rachelle quietly joined in,

“Loustar has massive passion for music and for what she does now. Her dedication is absolute. I had never seeing anyone who could learn so much so fast for a short period of time. I try to describe her music and to me it’s like war between acoustics and electronics, it is so powerful and yet very intricate, but very  technically demanding. She creates everything with such passion and dedication and I can only say that she is absolutely awesome. She is very talented, absolutely talented”.

Lou Kacer

” Does she really aware of her Gift”

We sipped coffee, while Loustar was singing her next song. I looked around trying to comprehend her movements around her instruments. I remembered that she mentioned how physically and technically demanding this whole process is, but I cannot see it because she operates so fast and so naturally, making it appear as the easiest thing to do on Earth, yet I know that is not the case. I make the only logical conclusion that she has mastered this complicated bunch of instruments and she can play her music standing on her head if needs be.

I had never seeing anything like this in my life. I was totally impressed and even more curious. As soon as she finished and gave us her charming smile I was ready with the next question, “Why Japan? What is so special about Japan?”

“I always want to go to Japan. I didn’t know why but my love for Japan somehow is embedded in my heart. I applied for a Musical Festival in Japan and I spent 20 fantastic days in Tokyo. The existing perception that Japanese people do not show their emotions in public is not correct from my personal experience. When I was at the streets of Tokyo, giving away my sample CDs, Japanese people showed so much emotion and I felt well connected to them on a very personal level. Same was during my performance where, again, I felt a very personal connection with my audience and I felt happy to be connected.

I even performed a few times on different streets of Tokyo and again, people were quick to react and show tones of emotions by break dancing together with me. It was an absolutely incredible experience. It was so amazing! I went back for 16 days and I organized my own tour for taking out 2010 and bringing in 2011, all up 16 nights. I feel proud that I did it all by myself and I believe this was possible because I know exactly what I want. Now I am working even harder for the next tour in Japan. I know that I am definitely on the right track. All I am looking for at the moment is a sponsor. This is one part where I need extra help- money, money, money.”

I know it is not easy to find sponsors and I feel frustrated that I am personally not in the position to jump in. If only I could I would. The Entertainment industry is business and like in any business shear talent is not enough; but talent, dedication and persistence are the characteristics that any sponsor or agent will certainly appreciate. Loustar has got it all, including inexhaustible energy and a proven track record that she definitely can go through the hard yards with strong resistance to many head spinning temptations. She is the one who at the moment does everything on her own. I really hope that somebody, business wise, will find her as soon as possible and give her a hand; that is all she needs because everything else she has already.

By reflecting back on my mission to guess her right, it is hard to believe that Loustar doesn’t have any formal music education but composes her own music on the back of her raw natural talent. To my own comprehension she is a diamond ready to be discovered and polished to project out the colourful shine of her internal light on the World with the power of dynamite. Her motivation does not need any extra stimulation, she is ready as never before to be possibly the best.











Loustar on Facebook OR Loustar on MySpace

Warmest regards,

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Written by Elena Ornig

Managing Director of Publishing Company "Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd". Committee member of Australian Computer Association GC Chapter. Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland. Member of the IT Forum Gold Coast. Sponsor of the Helensvale Writers' Group, Gold Coast. Committee member of the Gold Coast Writers Association Honored VIP Member of STANFORD WHO'S WHO in America. Publisher, writer and blogger.

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