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Answers From proudly presents WINNERS in 2011  comments fun- writing competition  Narrow Mindedness In Progress – Do Not Enter! 

Jim Brockett:

 ” Get a life. If I wanted to stroke my ego I certainly wouldn’t come to you- you self-help book reading freak. Where do you get off telling me to cease being a victim? Damn it, I am a victim. I have been a victim all my life, wallowing in the mud of my own mind. You have it; they have it, why don’t I have it? I want IT too and you won’t give it to me, no one will. Why not? Aren’t I entitled to it? If I can’t have this ‘joy and happiness’ you keep going on about I’m going to take it away from you and bring you down to my pit of ‘haven’t got any’. The more I whine the more you oppose me, the more you think about opposing me the more I creep into your happy little bubble. I so love to pop bubbles and when I finally pop yours you will become me and join my whiner’s community in whiner’s hell.

Photo of Jim Brockett

James R. (Jim) Brockett

Be seeing you soon…POP!
Self-Declared Whiner”

About Jim Brockett:

If you need just one word to describe Jim Brockett you cannot find anything better than ‘creative’. This is not just a word but a title for a highly respected graphic artist, manager and the business owner of Brockett Display Company/ Brockett Exhibit Services.

If you need to describe Jim Brockett as a man you couldn’t find a better word than ‘loving’.  A loving husband for forty seven years, a loving father of three children and a loving grandfather of two grandchildren; he has dedicated his life to his family.

If you need to describe Jim Brockett’s personality you cannot find a better word than ‘challenger’. Always looking for more to concur, to perfect and to achieve, he never stops trying different things; making jewellery – done!  Portraits and illustrations – done!  Writing his first book – is in passionate process!

Jim’s interest in writing has unexpectedly turned into “the best fun” in his life.  Challenging himself in poetry and short stories he discovered an overwhelming passion and started his first fantasy novel  The Boy Scout (Dragon’s Son).  His creative nature has opened a huge channel into a twisted and intriguing world of dragons, elves, fairy princesses and reluctant warriors.  Before he could take a breath and reflect back, he completed forty two chapters in his first draft and is anticipating at least twenty more.

You can satisfy your curiosity about this ‘creative’, ‘loving’ and unstoppable ‘challenger’ that is Jim Brockett by visiting his website: ; blog or becoming his friend on Facebook – Jim Brocket on Facebook .

As for us, we feel lucky to meet Jim and became his friends.

Tambra Kendall:

” I am a whiner, a diva if you so choose to label me. I’m proud of it. Why?
From the time I was a little girl it got me what I wanted. Goal achieved. The trick to taking whinging to a who new dimension is to dress and act the part. I’ll slip on a sexy, short dress and some high heels along with the practiced pout. You see, I’m going to whine until you believe your head will explode and then I get what I want because all you want to do is shut me up. Why you won’t just give me what I want is something I’ll never understand.

I also find driving people to the point of distraction a wonderful power trip. You feed my ego when you play your part, so a double bonus for me! I should be indulged, don’t you know that?

I mean, I could be Miss Happy or a critic from the nine circles of Hades but being a whiner is so much more fun. Now that we’ve got all this straightened out, hand over your credit card, darling.

Signed a Self-Declared Whiner (And proud of it!)”

Photo of Tambra Kendall

Tambra Kendall

About Tambra Kendall:

Tambra Kendall knew she wanted to be a writer  and an artist by the time she was 12 years old. Her summers were spent in the library reading Nancy Drew and then romance by trail blazing authors of the genre: Kathleen Woodiweiss, Rosemary Rogers and Roberta Gellis.

In 1990, Tambra wrote, illustrated and self published a specialty children’s book for children with ADHD. The focus of the book was behavior modification for kids who were borderline ADHD like her oldest son.

Her first article was also published that year with more to follow. She has over two dozen articles published from the local newspaper to numerous chapters of Romance Writers of America.

From 1994 to the present, Tambra has been teaching creative writing. On site at San Jacinto College to online for organizations such as Earthy Charms, RWA chapters and Savvy Authors.

In 2010, Tambra received her Associate of Arts in English from San Jacinto College.

Tambra is a multi-published author in romance from small press and electronic publishing. She writes sensual and erotic romance, mostly paranormal romance but has been known to write straight contemporary or historical.

The UK and history play just as big a part in her stories as the mythology. Her love of Celtic mythology, all things Celtic which includes men in kilts.

She also has a fascination with Australia. Her koala and kangaroo collection is growing. Oh, and she loves wombats, too. Look for some of her stories to feature Australia or an Aussie hero.

In 2011 Tambra took the self publishing plunge again. Her company is Daughters of Avalon Publishing and the company’s official muse is her Cairn terror-ier, Sparky Urban. Sparky Urban has his own Facebook page, too. You’re most welcome to join him. Yes, the Urban comes from Keith Urban. Tambra and Sparky love his music, along with Blackmore’s Night, Abney Park (Steampunk) and Loreena McKennitt.

Later this year, Tambra will begin selling her unique hand crafted cards. Her love of the Victorian era shows with many of her card designs. She’s currently looking for the best online organization to showcase her products.

Tambra Kendall, author of romance fiction. Public speaker and online creative writing instructor. Daughters of Avalon Publishing
Sensual. Magical. Unforgettable Romance!

We are very proud to present Tambra Kendall on our website and you can find more information about Tambra on her  blog:

Or you can become Tambra’s freind  on  Facebook:

Bianca Alexander:

“Your article is so profound. In my humble opinion, I believe your approach has been rather proactive. You have provided some diverse and interesting character descriptions. Your article takes a strong stance against destructive criticism and pointless whining. Yes, everyone loves positive feedback from Mr Nice and Ms Nice, but you also indicate how it causes one to strive harder. With people like you trying harder, you lead by example. It can only serve to inspire all of us to try harder, to reconsider out actions when giving feedback. We really do need to have a good think about what we are writing and question ourselves as to the validity of our claims.

Thank you so much for your motivating article. I always find your writing, blogging and social presence a true delight. I get a lot out of your work, and I particularly like how your personality leaps off the page. Thank you, keep up the terrific work!

Ms Nice”

Photo of Bianca Alexander

About Bianca Alexander:

Bianca Alexander was born in Melbourne and relocated to the Gold Coast at sixteen with her family.  At twenty-one she returned to Melbourne enjoying life in the inner northern suburbs and thriving on culture and fantastic food.  After a personal setback, she moved back to the Gold Coast in 2006 to be closer to her family.  

Unfortunately Bianca has MRKH Syndrome [Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome] which is a condition that affects approximately 1 in 5000 women.  This has had a huge impact on Bianca and has motivated her to reach out to help other sufferers and their loved ones.  She is currently writing her fist book; a book that details her experiences with MRKH and provides information and guidance to others including health specialists. 

Writing, being actively involved with people, researching and focusing on helping others, Bianca is discovering inner strengths, strengths that are allowing her to meet challenges and overcome the many hurdles she has faced.

We proudly present Bianca on Answers From as one of our winners.

You can find Bianca on her Facebook page or visit her blog  Insights from a ‘fascinating’ someone

Alexandra Linberg:

“This was a truly amazing article! It really made me appreciate the world as the unique and wonderful place it is. You are indeed a talented writer! And I thank you so much for sharing these words with me.

All my best,
/Mr /Mrs/Ms “Nice”



I am an easy going person. I take life as the way it is. Never look back for the past and never worry about the future. I live for today. My philosophy is ” If we did our job better for today, tomorrow will be a good day”. We cannot do any thing for what we lost by worrying. We will get the lost one when we try for the next chance instead of worrying about the lost thing. Life is simple and I wont make it complicated.

Mr Nice”


Yesu Jeya Bensh

About  Yesu Jeya Bensh:

He says about himself: “I am a long term thinker. I am a joyful person. I will take most things easily. I take life as it comes. I love nature. I wish to be with friends all the time. I believe in friends more than relatives. I can go to any extend for my friends. I love my family. I love my Dad more than any person in this world.”

However, I have my own view of Bensh. He is a very nice guy  and everyone likes him. People call him – Ben, Benz or Bensh.

Yesu Jeya Bensh is a very smart guy from India, working for a Software company; but there is more I  know about Bensh.

He is a passionate blogger because blogging has been his hobby from the year 2010.  Bensh already has three blogs and is well known around the community – 238 bloggers have voted for him, since he joined; and many continue to follow his blogs.

His interests in blogging are very diverse.  He shares his love for Indian movies and his country in one of his personal blogs – My Life.

On the other website TECHY”S TALK,  Bensh shares his knowledge and experience on programming concepts and sample codes.

Sharing My Thoughts is his third blog where Bensh describes everything about mobile phones.

We proudly present Yesu Jeya Bensh on Answers From and you can learn more about Bensh by visiting his blogs:

Jenny Milchman:  

“So…am I supposed to whine here? Or snipe? I guess I will go for Ms. Nice and say that the character descriptions are spot on!

Ms. Nice”

Photo of Jenny Milchman

Jenny Milchman

About Jenny Milchman:

Jenny Milchman teaches writing and publishing for New York Writers Workshop. Last year she founded Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, a holiday that went viral, enlisting 80 booksellers in 30 states and two Canadian provinces. She co-hosts the literary series Writing Matters, just entering its second year, which draws authors and publishing professionals from both coasts to standing room only events held at a local independent bookstore. Jenny features Edgar winners, international bestsellers, and independently published authors in the Made It Moments forum on her blog, Suspense Your Disbelief. Her short fiction has been published in a collection called “Lunch Reads I” from Istoria Books.

Her first novel, a literary mystery called COVER OF SNOW, set in a small Adirondack town in winter, is forthcoming from Ballantine.

We are proud to present Jenny Milchman on Answers From and you can learn more about Jenny via:


Visit Elena’s profile on Pinterest.



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  1. A grain of sand or the beginning of a sand dune? If I were a pessimist it would be a grain of sand but I’m an optimist so I see the beginnings of a major sand dune. My own little mountain to stand on and wave my arms and shout “look at me”. Ya, I know sand is a risky perch; however, as Lynn on Dancing with the Stars says “you gotta risk it if you want the whole biscuit”. Damn, do I love cookies!
    To some this may not seem like much but to me it’s my shinny new red bicycle with gleaming chrome fenders on Christmas morning.

    Answers From proudly presents WINNERS in 2011 comments fun- writing competition Narrow Mindedness In Progress – Do Not Enter!

    So, PLEASE, look at me…

    I hope, showing you my first grain of sand, that you will notice me and with any luck join me in my climb to the top of the pyramid (pyramids are made from sand grains all stuck together. It’s called sand stone.). Not as slippery a foundation as first thought…is it?
    I’m no stranger to creative competition. In my other life I have won more than my share of awards for my visual communications efforts but I am a neophyte in this life. This new found passion as a creative writer.
    More than anything I need your help and guidance, and, your comments, critiques and feedback. I know that I am good but it’s not me that I have to please. It’s you and I‘m like most others constantly seeking validation when you enjoy what we create.

    Facebook: jrr brockett
    Web site:

    • Thank you, Jenny!
      I did this deliberatly because I read many website/ blog reviews and discovered that majority of the comments were very poor quality. I decided to conduct comments competition and publish only the best comments as an example for others. The participation was great but as you see only few comments had won, including your very dinamic comment. Hopefully, we will all be able to learn from the best as yourself.
      Thank you for showing great example!

      My warmest regards,

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