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Writing a book is creating a whole new world.

 Answers from Elena Ornig


Writing is a process.

Doing any work requires some knowledge and skill that can only be achieved with effort and time. The earlier you start to write your book, or prepare research for your book, the better.

What do you need?  Not much; just a good idea (theme and plot), paper and pen or computer, and comfortable space that will give you the ability to concentrate on your work.  “Why do you need comfort?”, because you need to write every day; as much as you can handle and research, as much as is needed.  Writing and researching are time consuming activities that demand considerable concentration.  Even if you have your book fully formed inside your head – you need time to physically write or type your manuscript.

Consider this – one typed manuscript page using double spacing for ease of editing (accepted practice) is approximately 250 words.  To write a reasonable size book of approximately 200 pages you need to type some 50,000 words minimum.  Simple mathematics will allow you to estimate how much time it will take to write your book.  Writing two pages per day – you will complete your manuscript in 100 days; that is just over three months of work.  Sounds easy and fast!  However, we are used to hearing that writers often spend years and years on writing just one book.  Why is that?  Writing a book is a creative process and creativity has very individual characteristics.  These characteristics depend on a few factors: the actual idea for a book, individual energy, personal determination, passion, ability to concentrate, knowledge of subject, and ability to conduct quick and precise research.

The actual idea for your book is the key to your success because it will directly affect you content (theme and plot); and good content is what any publisher looks for.  Personal determination must carry you through the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ experienced from initial idea through to the completed manuscript.  Passion for your story or subject will give you the incentive to write.  Ability to concentrate will help you stay focused and in control of your work.  Knowledge of your subject and the ability to research effectively will contribute to the value of your book’s content.


The ability to research effectively will contribute to the value of your book’s content.

A major difficulty you might encounter is simply to keep going, to keep writing every day because of doubts that crop up.  Doubts of your ability as an author and the uniqueness of your content will crawl around your head from time to time, but relax, don’t be discouraged; this is a quite normal and manageable hurdle, one that is certainly not exclusive to you.   Paradoxically, to overcome such doubts you simply need to continue to write and soon you will find relief.  The entire process of writing a book is quite amazing; it is not just writing, it is the creation of something special because it is very individual and therefore unique. It is the creation of a whole new world.

Your new world will have special settings with characters moving around and communicating through dialogue or by expressing their thoughts.  You will introduce them to your readers and you will create conflicts and problems for those characters.  You will create their personalities by making them likeable or dislikeable  good and bad, or both.  You will make them appear and disappear as you wish.  You will make them act, react, reflect, think, rethink or simply develop throughout your book.  They will be involved in predictable or unpredictable events.  You will create conflict and resolution.  You will create the whole plot the way you imagine and want it.  Your plot will define the actual structure of your book (introduction of characters, events that cause conflict or create problems, ways to solve conflict, climax and anticlimax).  You can even create sub-plots with your minor and major characters involved in events, facing problems and achieving resolution. The most amazing aspect is you can start from character, setting, dialogue or event and go on to complicate or simplify whatever you wish.  It is your story!

Well, what more can I say about writing a book?  I can only ask, “What are you waiting for? Just go and create your new world”.

My warmest regards,
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Written by Elena Ornig

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  1. This appears to be a very factual article that is very encouraging to the potential writer. Surely just two pages a day can’t be too difficult! Perhaps I will have to give it a try. Thanks to the author of the article for passing on the information to us mere mortals.

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