Written by Helga Glinatsis

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A Childhood Christmas Memory from Germany

Written by Helga Glinatsis

Edited by Di Morris

Both are the members of GCWA

Story about ChristmasGrey clouds unloaded millions of fluffy snowflakes. An icy wind carried them howling along the street and around every house corner. Frost bit straight through my garments.

I couldn’t stop shivering so hurried faster and faster as quickly as my little legs could go to reach my Grandmother’s house. I slowly opened the heavy door. Aromas of freshly baked ginger bread and pine arose; cosy warmth enveloped me.

Grandma was eagerly waiting. She loved preparing for my weekly visits.

‘Only few days, then the Baby Jesus will be born again. It’s such a great mystery!  Not everyone has the privilege of seeing him!’ she whispered and lit the fourth bees-wax candle in an arrangement of pine branches and glittery bulbs.

‘Why, Omi?’

‘You really have to believe, close your eyes and wish for it, then you will be reborn in the spirit and feel young again.’

‘Oh! No! Omi,’ I cried. ‘I don’t want to be younger than eight. I want to get older very soon!’

Nutty ginger bread with chocolate started to melt on my tongue. I felt in heaven already – inhaling all the fragrances, closing my eyes, still waiting for a miracle to happen.

Well, I got my wish and got older. But each year I close my eyes, remembering the Prince of Peace and Light, expecting the rebirth of my spirit, soul and mind again and know eternity is written on my heart forever.

Thank you, Helga Glinatsis!

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Written by Elena Ornig

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